Also known as the Evil That Lurks In the Frying Pan.


2 patties of sausage. (If you can cut them off one of those rolls of meat you find at the grocery store, so much the better. The patties should be one centimeter thick.
2 slices of bread, or one english muffin. English muffins, IMHO, work the best for this, but also limit how much stuff you can cram into it.
2 eggs.
1/4 of an onion. (optional)
Butter or margarine

First of all, get out a clean frying pan and a clean spatula. Heat it up on the stove until water evaporates on contact with the surface, or boils away instantly. Drop the two patties onto the frying pan. Fry thoroughly, then put the two patties on a plate. Now stick either the toast, or the two halves of the english muffin in the toaster.

Now either take out the onion, or the eggs. If you're using part of an onion, cut into inch by inch pieces, and fry until translucent in leftover grease. Once done, dump onto the sausage.

Scramble the eggs. Once they're done, dump them onto the onions and the sausage.

Once the toast/english muffin is done, butter it, and stick the resulting mess from the frying pan into the sandwich. It will be messy, and it will be greasy, but it's quick, it's yummy, and it's cheaper than going to McDonalds.

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