I find myself at a party, surrounded by all of my friends. There ismusic, dancing, food, drink, and merriment. I am dancing among my friends when the door flies open. And there she was. She was illuminated from behind with a brilliant white light, and I could only make out her outline. But it was all I needed to know it was her. She walked up to me, and I took her hand in mine. We began to dance. The music swelled, and we moved closer together. And closer...closer...our lips brushed together, and we shared a passionate kiss. I say to her, "That was fun. Do you mind if we do that again, repeatedly?". And she agreed. So we kissed again. Then, suddenly, she turned and walked back out the door she came in through. I tried following, but was blinded by the bright light. I called out her name, and she was gone.