Firewater are a New York-based band that tend to defy being placed in a particular genre. The band came into existence in 1995 when Tod A. (Tod Ashley, formerly of Cop Shoot Cop) was released from jail and decided, together with other felons, to form a band. In 1996 they released their debut album 'Get off the Cross... We Need the Wood for the Fire'. This record quickly caught the attention of record companies and critics alike with its irreverent lyrics and vast array of integrated music styles. The band signed with JetSet records, but split from them to record their second album with Universal. Their third album, Psychopharmacology, saw them return to JetSet.

Firewater have toured with Soul Coughing, the Jesus Lizard, Skeleton Key and the Squirrel Nut Zippers, playing shows to some very diverse crowds that reflect the mix of spy themes, klezmer instrumentals, mid-60s pop, folk, jazz, rock and roll and goth that they use to create their unique sound. Central to the band's sound are the vocals and lyrics of Tod A.

"His are horror stories, told with style and substance, thick with experience. But there's always a slyly humorous touch in his gravelly delivery, as if these coarse tales of suicide, deathly deceit and murder are but a part of the fabric of life."

Firewater are set to release their new album The Man on the Burning Tightrope in June 2003, on JetSet Records.


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