In advance, I have decided to have good sleeps tonight. Take a look?
  • One part I give to Goofhead, because I promised there would be no dreams of him. Of course we were both kidding but I still know that they would be lovely. So here we go, fiery firehead Goof, you get to show me stuff like sixteen safe blades of grass, the way they bend and crush beneath our weight. We can be that small if we want, only 2 square inches. We can be that stupid.

  • Slice the next for colored ambience. Blue light through water, like aquarium but deeper. If I could I'd put this dark smoothness into all my dreams.

  • And a small allotment for misery. Nothing is ever smooth. Hows about I make it a missing sock, or a torn book. Sounds about right for demonstration of willingness.

  • Slice the last for happy times. Could be Dude or Mr Magic or Ms Lady or Crazy Pablo. Should be all together. Should be a circle of friends, laughing talking drinking like water flowing, easy. I like easy.

I am walking about a train station with my mother, sister and brother. An anonymous old lady warns us about the "Angelican Guys" who are putting alien worms in the fruits and vegetable section of grocery stores to take over people's minds. There is a brown bore at the top of the fruit/vegetables so you can tell which have been infected, but it would be unwise to eat anything you yourself didn't grow.

Like any normal family in a soon-to-be zombie culture, we went driving around to all the grocery stores and confirmed the bore marks. After that, we went to a 58-story hotel. I lost my family, but found a party on the 28-th story.

At the party, there were many zombie people. I did find two boys; however, who were not. The muscular boy with dark brown/black hair was very interesting. I was attracted to him as he was intellectual and unique.

I went to get a drink, and he disappeared. After a bit of looking and some boring conversation with the zombies, I noticed he was in the bedroom sitting atop a cardboard box listening to jazz. I sat down next to him, and the lid collapsed leaving us together inside the box. He kissed me once, very emphatically, upon the neck.

We decided to go back to the party. His friend had partaken in the vodka watermelon and was now a zombie. I left and went to the lobby of the hotel where I found my family. We got in the car and started driving around again. At a stop light, some zombie started talking jibberish to my brother, so my brother opened the door and went with him. I told my mom to stop so we could save him, but she didn't really care. She couldn't even remember she had a son. I figured out she and my sister were now zombies too(they had eaten minestrone soup...tomatoes....bah), so I got out of the minivan and walked through the woods having a cigarette.

It was Friday. I had to complete a task which involved picking a certain type of berry before Saturday. I had to get married on Saturday.

I find myself walking through a huge set of hallways. There are vendors there selling all sorts of things. I walk through and look at everything, stopping to buy a gooey cinnamon roll. I pick up the little freebies they always hand out. I'm following a couple of young boys...they might be my brothers (aged about 5 years from now), but I can't tell. The boys disappear and instead of vendors there are now pieces of artwork, posters, and giant photographs on the walls.

Suddenly, I feel a sense of urgency and I am running back the way I came, but there are no vendors. The hallways are empty and my footsteps echo. I can hear one of the boys up ahead of me, running.

Now I am in a yard. Picking berries with my...sisters (I have no sisters in rl). But I'm picking the wrong kind and I feel that time is running out. I start picking the right kind. There are thorns on the branches and they prick my fingers. One of my sisters offers to help me, and I almost accept, but then I remember that I have to do it all myself as part of my task.

My mother comes outside and tells me that she's found someone for me to marry. She points him out. He's standing along the side of the yard in the trees. He's a boy that I've always hated and I know that I can't marry him.

Now we are inside the house...but it must be an apartment now because we are high up in the air. It's dark outside, so I can see the reflection of all of us overlaying the lights of the city. My grandmother has arrived with gifts for Christmas it seems like even though it was warm outside when I was picking the berries. Tomorrow (Saturday) I am to spend the time before my wedding with her.

I know that I have to find some time with my boyfriend as quickly as possible. I need to meet with him and explain that I have almost finished my task, that I *have* to marry the next day, that my mother has picked out someone for me to marry that I hate, and that he (my boyfriend) is the only person that I could even think about marrying right now. I want to ask him to marry me and tell him that I love him. Because I realized that I've loved him for quite a while now and just didn't know it.

Unfortunately, it was at this point that the telephone rang and woke me up.

I'm in highschool. Taking notes in math class. Mr. Sarna, the teacher, wears all black. Stephen Price who is sometimes David Shumka is not allowed to take notes, only look straight ahead. It's a punishment. After class I ask him if he wants to photocopy my notes. He gratefully says yes. I walk out of class and he runs up to me with the already photocopied notes. I walk to the stairs, where Ken Cooper is waiting for his son, David/Stephen.

The school is really SFU. In the bookstore are mini-marshmallows - with paxil in them! Wow, what a convenient way to take my meds. I'm surprised they're not only over-the-counter, but in a discount bin by the cashier, but whatever. I buy a package.

I'm at work. I leave.

the buses are running again, I think! I run across georgia st., thinking I see a 15 and a 7 and a 4. Rowan's waiting at the busstop, and I realize I can't have seen them, it's only the non-trolley buses that are running. I run and barely catch a long articulated 22 when rowan holds the back door open for me. A bunch of tabbers are on board. We're going to a meet at jamu's old house, near poohead mall. I have a big loaf of french bread; it's the only food we have. It was supposed to be a potluck, doh. François is staring at me and it's creeping me out until I realize I just put his bag on the floor so I could have a seat. "Uh.. sorry. But your bag was on the only seat." He says nothing. Rowan is animatedly telling Joe about a parade in the rain they just passed. I absentmindedly eat a bunch of marshmallows. After about 10 or 12 of them, I realize "crap! I might be overdosing on paxil!" I nervously check the bag so see how much I've taken. There are different dosage instructions, one for people who eat lots of sugar, one for people who don't. I read the one for sugar junkies. I've had 3 times my normal dose, but that shouldn't raise me to overdose levels. Whew. Out of curiousity I read the other dosage - it says to eat 15 times more marshmallows, which gets you about 5 times as much paxil, which is supposed to maybe stop a cancer-induced fever. Weird.

Sometime later, I'm catching a bus. Hurray! The buses run! It's a 7. I try to pay my fare, but I can't - they won't let me. The bus driver tells me the buses are running because it's their only weapon left - get the goodwill of the public, but no fares for translink. I stay on the bus past downtown (downtown vancouver looks like downtown seattle), where I should have gotten off. I decide to stay on until the weird tram stop on main street, where I can catch the skytrain then another bus. I get off too early, though. I'm in a weird industrial part of town. Snow everywhere. I'm nervous. I hear horrible scratching noises coming near me. I can't identify them. Finally I look up and see it's a murder of crows. I screech at them and they disperse. Heh, heh. I keep walking. I see the Lee building in the distance; I can't be far from home! (the lee building is at broadway and main, but in my dream it's at terminal and main) I keep walking along the deserted snowy path, which moves in to a forested area. It's creepy, so I join up with three other people walking along the trail. I know that we're in a fictional story. We're approaching the part of the story where we have adventures and become rich smuggling something. This doesn't actually happen; we find ourselves walking along a rickety snowy train bridge as a train approaches. We duck off to the side, clinging to the wooden ties that stick out. We're unhurt. A guard runs past, glares at us. We continue ahead. There's a cave mouth, and rail tracks running through it. A guard angrily shoos us off the tracks, to the side of the cave. "Jesus, what are you doing! Kill me, anything, but don't delay the cargo!" We're in a strange, alien, colourful smuggling operation. It's vaguely military.

I'm a blonde woman. I've rebuffed his advances many times, but finally I sleep with a man who is played by Alan Alda, part of the smuggling operation, but also somehow a fugitive from it. We're in a wooden bunk bed. He unties me (ooh, kinky), and I hold on to him. "Hey.. I love you." he says, tenderly. I'm happy I stopped hating him. I still don't quite understand who or what he is.

Bing, I am at dinner (tropical cocktails) with him and his parents. He looks uncomfortable as it is revealed that he's telepathic and was murdered 9000 years ago, and is now immortal. The fish in the pond near where he was born are telepathic. I don't like his parents, they seem evil. He holds my hand and we walk away.

A weird flashback sequence. I'm him, age 7 or 8. I've been raised by the military smugglers, but now it becomes clear I'm incompatible with their mission; I'm too peacable. We are looking at walls of the cave. There are cute pictures drawn by kids, but they all involve killing peaceful people or smuggling or bombing or something. They're in some kind of competition. I ignore them and read a poem that's nailed to the wall, on a stone shaped like a dove. It's about the futility of war and the virtue of mercy. They ask who made up such a stupid poem, I read the end: Robert Petunia Frost. That shuts them up; he wrote part of their anthem. I walk out the door and am murdered, by a 25 year old version of my self, who's been brainwashed by them. It becomes clear I'm immortal. I run away, determined to undermine the smugglers for the rest of time.

I'm the girl again. I'm travelling through time, trying to avoid the ultimate death of my immortal alan alda lover. I see that his dodgy father is also a time traveller: he has arranged a dozen ways to stop me, kill me, whatever, to make sure his son dies a final death. In the end, just before I wake up, I see that he was also plotting to have himself killed, so HE could be immortal. I kill him, and run away to find something. I don't know what. I wake up.

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