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Muriel's Music
No, I don't write music (yet...). These are just a couple of songs/bands that I like...
Savage Garden
Timelessness by Fear Factory

hehe...something I found on the database the other day by --OutpostMir-- (from There is no spoon.)

Capitalist's viewpoint:
There is no spoon,because I sold it.
Communist's viewpoint:
There is no spoon,because I've divided it up and gave the metal to my comrades
--OutpostMir--'s viewpoint:
There is no spoon,because I'm using a spork instead.

A little something from the chatterbox that I wanted to remember:

Whipster wonders if a Roninspoon is Samurai Silverware
Roninspoon Once, I was samurai. Until the plate ran off with the spoon. Now I serve no master save myself and vengence for the cow in the moon.

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Blackmore's Night
The best Insult I've ever heard (well, a w/u actually...)

Blackmore's Night:
Renaissance/folk duo Candice Night (vocals) and Ritchie Blackmore (guitar, mandolin, bass, Renaissance drum and tamborine). The duo is accompanied by more than 25 guest musicians.