In advance, I have decided to have good sleeps tonight. Take a look?
  • One part I give to Goofhead, because I promised there would be no dreams of him. Of course we were both kidding but I still know that they would be lovely. So here we go, fiery firehead Goof, you get to show me stuff like sixteen safe blades of grass, the way they bend and crush beneath our weight. We can be that small if we want, only 2 square inches. We can be that stupid.

  • Slice the next for colored ambience. Blue light through water, like aquarium but deeper. If I could I'd put this dark smoothness into all my dreams.

  • And a small allotment for misery. Nothing is ever smooth. Hows about I make it a missing sock, or a torn book. Sounds about right for demonstration of willingness.

  • Slice the last for happy times. Could be Dude or Mr Magic or Ms Lady or Crazy Pablo. Should be all together. Should be a circle of friends, laughing talking drinking like water flowing, easy. I like easy.