It was Friday. I had to complete a task which involved picking a certain type of berry before Saturday. I had to get married on Saturday.

I find myself walking through a huge set of hallways. There are vendors there selling all sorts of things. I walk through and look at everything, stopping to buy a gooey cinnamon roll. I pick up the little freebies they always hand out. I'm following a couple of young boys...they might be my brothers (aged about 5 years from now), but I can't tell. The boys disappear and instead of vendors there are now pieces of artwork, posters, and giant photographs on the walls.

Suddenly, I feel a sense of urgency and I am running back the way I came, but there are no vendors. The hallways are empty and my footsteps echo. I can hear one of the boys up ahead of me, running.

Now I am in a yard. Picking berries with my...sisters (I have no sisters in rl). But I'm picking the wrong kind and I feel that time is running out. I start picking the right kind. There are thorns on the branches and they prick my fingers. One of my sisters offers to help me, and I almost accept, but then I remember that I have to do it all myself as part of my task.

My mother comes outside and tells me that she's found someone for me to marry. She points him out. He's standing along the side of the yard in the trees. He's a boy that I've always hated and I know that I can't marry him.

Now we are inside the house...but it must be an apartment now because we are high up in the air. It's dark outside, so I can see the reflection of all of us overlaying the lights of the city. My grandmother has arrived with gifts for Christmas it seems like even though it was warm outside when I was picking the berries. Tomorrow (Saturday) I am to spend the time before my wedding with her.

I know that I have to find some time with my boyfriend as quickly as possible. I need to meet with him and explain that I have almost finished my task, that I *have* to marry the next day, that my mother has picked out someone for me to marry that I hate, and that he (my boyfriend) is the only person that I could even think about marrying right now. I want to ask him to marry me and tell him that I love him. Because I realized that I've loved him for quite a while now and just didn't know it.

Unfortunately, it was at this point that the telephone rang and woke me up.