I am walking about a train station with my mother, sister and brother. An anonymous old lady warns us about the "Angelican Guys" who are putting alien worms in the fruits and vegetable section of grocery stores to take over people's minds. There is a brown bore at the top of the fruit/vegetables so you can tell which have been infected, but it would be unwise to eat anything you yourself didn't grow.

Like any normal family in a soon-to-be zombie culture, we went driving around to all the grocery stores and confirmed the bore marks. After that, we went to a 58-story hotel. I lost my family, but found a party on the 28-th story.

At the party, there were many zombie people. I did find two boys; however, who were not. The muscular boy with dark brown/black hair was very interesting. I was attracted to him as he was intellectual and unique.

I went to get a drink, and he disappeared. After a bit of looking and some boring conversation with the zombies, I noticed he was in the bedroom sitting atop a cardboard box listening to jazz. I sat down next to him, and the lid collapsed leaving us together inside the box. He kissed me once, very emphatically, upon the neck.

We decided to go back to the party. His friend had partaken in the vodka watermelon and was now a zombie. I left and went to the lobby of the hotel where I found my family. We got in the car and started driving around again. At a stop light, some zombie started talking jibberish to my brother, so my brother opened the door and went with him. I told my mom to stop so we could save him, but she didn't really care. She couldn't even remember she had a son. I figured out she and my sister were now zombies too(they had eaten minestrone soup...tomatoes....bah), so I got out of the minivan and walked through the woods having a cigarette.