Some random things going through my mind.


The only good thing about this whole birthday thing is that I get a free meal from my parents.

Hmmm... April 14th. Wasn't Lincoln shot on the 14th? Died the 15th? Hmm...

Age twenty-two powers suck. I can already buy booze-a-ma-hol, I can vote and own guns, what's new? I guess I could go get myself a permit to carry a concealed weapon...

...but that's not exactly new. I could (apparently) do that at eighteen. I guess I'll wait until retirement, if they even have that when I reach sixty. I saw a blurb on a television the other day that claimed, "People don't really want to retire anymore." Say what? I want to retire now! Sounds like propaganda to me.

I can't wait to retire. I'm going to save up money until I can move on down to some small quiet New Mexican town and drink myself into oblivion and watch the sunset every night. If I can manage it I'll try to die watching the sun going down, with maybe a slight southwestern breeze to see me off. That's not likely to happen, but I can always dream. I'm not going to bother with medication to keep off encroaching medical problems when I get older. I've seen the amount of pills my grandparents have to take just to stay alive and the moment I can't function under my own power I'm bitting the dust. I want to live long, sure, but the thought of a drug company squeezing me makes me angry and I think I'd rather die first.


Seems I'm no longer a new guy around here. People seem to know who I am. This is strange because it makes me feel like I've got a reputation to up hold. Not that sort of thing has ever stopped me from doing what I wanted to in the past and what I want in the case of E2 is to see more fiction around. Feed back from fiction I've posted here has been generally positive (though typically lower Rep-wise than factuals) and that makes me want to post more.

This place is addictive. Crack-cocaine for the wordaholic.

There are lots of talented people here who write a whole hell of a lot better than I do. Some people get intimidated by great writing and I've never understood this. Sure, you might never be able to match it, but it is fun to try.

Good folk, good writers, and people I like:

Dimview, SharQ, Kizor, Angela, civilwaractionfigure, borgo, passport, kthejoker, Ancientsnow, GentlemanJim, Evil Catullus, Palpz, XWiz, paraclete, artman2003, Junkill, Jet-Poop, RangyJoeyHondo, The Custodian, Lometa, henry flower, etouffee, Heisenberg, BlackPawn, izubachi, just1wheat, Matthew, Heitah, kohlcass, Apollyon, LaggedyAnne, shaogo, Focus, sirspens, prole, karma debt, Simulacron3, IWhoSawTheFace, Andrew Aguecheek, Excalibre, FeltTips, allseeingeye, bol, wordnerd, golFUR, Swap, Halspal, eien_meru.

Piracy Quest

After looking through them all, there's quite a bit of good content in there.

The O'Reilly Factor

Ewww, Bill O'Reilly is disgusting enough without the image of him messing around with falafels. Ack! Ack! Ack! (+)

pissy wissy

The worst of the worst. (--)

Keep These E2 Titles The Same

I might just fill that nodeshell up with beer before the quest is over.(+)

Arrr, I `ave a dreamlog, me harties

I love it. (++)

E2 egged me on

I have actually chanted "Spin, spin, spin" as I waited for the page to reload. I've also asked the Everything I Ching if I will win prizes before I give the Wheel a go. I always ask the I Ching out loud as this seems to yield the best results. (+++)

Read or Die

It took a lot of time to create, but it is still trash.

Internet kisses are merely clicks and hisses

It was deleted. Awww...

Team Jet-Poop ate my balls

I would go to a theme park run by Team Jet-Poop. (++)

Dreams of Falconry

Disturbing in a way, though I do like it. Personally, I would change "bar" to "chair" or maybe even "bed", but I'm not confident enough to try to monkey around with anything other than prose.(+)

This is a node that was solely created to fill the PQ criteria. Klaproth Ahoy!

Negative forty-one? Come on where's the love? Is Heisenberg trying to make Mauler's node look good? It's a conspiracy! Fictionalized noders are cool. (-/+)

This Writeup Is Utter Wank Created Just For Pirate Quest

That's strange, there's nothing there!

Look, look! I can write inane bullshit too!

Arrrggg, a little keelhauling never hurt nobody, but personally I'd prefer "insane" bullshit or "inane" bullshit any day. (+)

They follow holidays, even though they know no vacations

A hard piece to relate to. I'm undecided on this one and so I refrain from passing judgment. It's not bad... (?)

Jesus was a one Beer Queer

At the risk of being struck by lightning, I'm going to say that this is mighty funny.(++)

Sexual identity crisis

Ha ha ha ha ha! Awful.(++)

Maybe the Amish are just retired time travelers

After reading this, I'm sure they are. "Temponaut" is a damn funny word.(+)

Swashbuckling hijinks

It's fun. I like the bit about the horse and the ending was quite good too.(++)

The Voyage of the Roofer Boonhurst

My own node. It has pirates, ninjas, and surprisingly a coherent plot, kind of. Read it and give me C!s.

BrevityQuest 2007

I remember this joke from BrevityQuest 2006. My memory isn't that short, Sam.(-)

Daedalean lyricist

Interesting. Experimental. Lyrics from different songs all strung together. I heartily approve.(+)

times when i have said: i wanted to write

Booze certainly makes me want to write. There was one day, trashed out of my mind and wandering around a dorm building where I had a poem rocking about my head. I couldn't find paper and so what I thought was THE BEST POEM EVER CONCEIVED has been lost to the fog of a drunken night. I hope this node sticks around after May. (++)

The Ultimate Zen Node

An irritating and unfunny joke, the likes of which I've seen before. Simulacron3 did something similar before Piracy Quest and it was much funnier then.(--)

Hemophilia (ya feel ya ya feel ya)

A poem with a disappointing ending, and a bit of forced rhyme. Much better if chanted out loud than read.(?)

Piracy Quest 2007

Delightfully funny. I was tempted to send a message to SharQ pointing to a news article half way around the world and taking credit for it... or maybe I ought to just raid a cargo ship.(++)


Writing is fun. My skills seem to be almost directly proportional to the amount of fun I'm having with a piece. My school work is better than the average college kid, but not by much. It isn't hard to just slide on by with minimal effort when all you have to work with is a shitty book on history and an edict saying, "Write a three page paper, doubled spaced, on why the Mescalero-Apache kept electing Wendell Chino. Cite source." Boy howdy. I'm a rearing to go. Hot damn.

I've always believed writing is about risk, but as I get older I begin to believe it's more about editing. Many of my classmates are caught up in a delusion that states good writing comes out of inspiration and that it strikes like lightning. I believe that's true for good ideas, but I think poor writing often comes from poor editing more often than not.


I was reading a bit about bad dialog attribution the other day on a website that was criticizing swifties of the type: "I don't like bees," he buzzed. Now that's some bad writing.

Dialogue has never been hard for me. I think that description is harder. I listen to people talk all day, so how can something I'm surround by be difficult to imitate?

"Ah, but you could be tricking yourself into think that you're good at it."

"That's true, but if I give into my paranoia I'm going to end up like my dad."

"Your dad?"

"Yeah, he thinks that the FBI is after him and checks the house for spy devices every couple of months."

Writing to be done:

Finish my research report on Schizophrenia for my worthless Biology for Non-majors class. The report is the only challenging portion of the class.

Edit pages 168 and 169 of Tanimus Lied. I'm not particularly happy with the way these turned out.

Node Kira, Kira Nightingale 4, what I'm calling the "Ghost Chapter". Quite a few people on the site seem to like this story.

Node a movie critique with futilelord in the style of Ebert and Roper using the futilereader account.

Re-edit several short stories and try to sell them off as a collection.

Finish cliff notes on the Voyage of the Roofer Boonhurst, so I can understand it.

Finish the War Poem. That thing is taking me too long.

Vonnegut died. This makes me unhappy.

Current Anime I'm watching

Kurau Phantom Memory
Black Lagoon
Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu

AdiĆ³s good people.

birthday past birthday future

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