If you find a node title without any misspellings/mistakes within, please add a writeup here and hard link the correct title along with your thoughts as to why it shouldn't be changed. This makes it much easier for us to check if the title should be left alone.

The "gods" can move a writeup from one node to another. However, if you find a write-up which is on-topic or well-titled, there's no need to move it at all.

When the node title isn't changed it won't change the title in your individual writeup. If this happens, simply click 'submit' on your writeup again and the writeup's title will not change in any way. Until then, your 'user search' may continue to display the title.

E2 has no consistent caps rule for common nouns in titles (in the text of your writeup, get it right). Any post here is an endorsement of the current capitalization.

Using this format in your writeup below makes it easier for us:

Please don't change the node title This node should be filled with bees!. Thank you.

If you're suggesting that one or more writeup(s) shouldn't be reparented, say whose, or simply "all". This conveniently saves us the trouble of accidentally moving any writeups or creating any unnecessary nodeshells.

Thank you for your help.

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