Things accomplished on August 3, 2001
met catherine for lunch
packed and went away for the weekend
checked up on my application for teh job in Edinburgh

Things not accomplished:
didn't buy new underware, just washed some old ones. didn't send cv out to people, my crappy internet email wouldn't allow me to attach a large file.

Things to do today:

fill in application form for job in Edinburgh paper and online, fax the paper form. (need to do this at lunch time)
(they didn't recieve the online aplpication, is it because I am behind a firewall ?)
email the following people: Claire, Belinda, emma, Bernard, Fergus, ryano, Berent, rob, tracy and try to clear 20 - 40 emails from my inbox.
Decide where I am going this coming weekend, attempt to organise a lift.
Send my CV in text format to the people on Owens list. (I have had enough of formattet files, they suck
Try to play with foxpro files using the ODBC interface in Python.

Yesterday I went to work as usual, emailed the girl I met at the weekend, got in this morning and founda reply. She lives in another city but seems keen to see me again, yay!. I shall proabably not see her for about a fortnight when we may go hiking with some other people, the prospect is very pleaseing.

After work I went to the UCD climbing wall, trained for about three hours, I am beginning to get some nice finger strength together. There were not that many people at the wall last night. All in all a pretty boring day, I didn't give much time for contemplation.

Went home to bed, ate instant noodles and toast and went to sleep.

update : 18:26 Well so far I have manged to fax my cv to edinburgh, yay! I got an email from the people saying that it is likley that I may get an interview irrespective of whether or not they get my application as they all remember me from the internship I did with them back in 1997.
I managed to email my CV to 7 recuitment people in Dublin, have to see what they say tommorrow !
and Claire has invited me down to Cork this coming weekend


, now i've not made up my mind whether i will go or not but i think there is a definite chance that I might end up in that neck of hte world, lets see how the weather and my strength of willpower hold up (umm I won't be taking bets on this one).
I emaied everyone I said I would, emma's email address didn't work and I couldn't find bernards. I have yet to mail rob, I might leave that until tommorrow.
I am waiting fro my friend to install mandrake on his machine so that I can install MySQL, then I get to try to play with the foxpro files. Wow, having two jobs really keeps you busy, I wonder if I am going to get paid for ny of this work, at least I get to code for some of the day, it makes up for the sould destroying work that is data entry I