My writing has gone crap. <--- See --->

I look at my older E2 nodes, and I actually can't believe I wrote them -- and they're not even that good.

2-3 years of writing absolutely tons everyday on a forum has probably accelerated rather than slowed this entropy. It seems that where the semi-formal structure of E2 writing improved (and allowed me to develop at all) my style, the freeform nature of the forum destroyed it - even though I do my utmost to stick to rigorous grammar and spelling when posting.

I think it is the style issue that's at the heart of this, and my job has probably affected it too. The need to write 'business' language as well as the chatty nature of forum posting has turned what style I had into a lucid and clear, but utterly plain and conversational style with no discernable features. My writing has always been somewhat too conversational, but I think it's been pushed over the precipice now. A journalist friend of mine told me he'd spent a year as a teacher before starting his career because he wanted to 'practise' his writing. This makes more sense to me now than ever.

A solution would be to start posting here again. Time is short, though. We shall see.

Forgive me if the first few end up just being daylogs.

Mmm, I love theshe hot wingsh.

God, these are sho fugging good. Mm! I love these thingsh! Mm mm mm. I'm glad I bought that Hootersh shaush and that breading. Oh man, theshe thingsh are unbelievable! They're crunchy, spyshee and tangy, and Mmm! they're jush so fugging great!

Oh shit, god dammit, I'm getting it all over the fugging keyboard, shit *smack smack! suck suck!* I need a fugging napkin or shumshing. Mmm! Man, good shit, but not good computer food.

*sniiiiiiiif!* Oh, I am such a good cook! Theshe thingsh are just so friggin awshome! Mmm mmm! *smack smack!* Mmm, wheresh thad napkin? Mm! Oh, dammit, it's on the keyboard again! Shit! Mmm...there. Aw, man, this thingsh's a mesh! Mmm. God damn theshe things are good! Pat myshelf on the back! Fug! Wheresh dat water?! *gulp gulp!* Mmm! There, that hit the spot!

Oh, I'm sorry, how rude of me. Here. Want a hot wing? They're mighty tasty.

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