Mmm, I love theshe hot wingsh.

God, these are sho fugging good. Mm! I love these thingsh! Mm mm mm. I'm glad I bought that Hootersh shaush and that breading. Oh man, theshe thingsh are unbelievable! They're crunchy, spyshee and tangy, and Mmm! they're jush so fugging great!

Oh shit, god dammit, I'm getting it all over the fugging keyboard, shit *smack smack! suck suck!* I need a fugging napkin or shumshing. Mmm! Man, good shit, but not good computer food.

*sniiiiiiiif!* Oh, I am such a good cook! Theshe thingsh are just so friggin awshome! Mmm mmm! *smack smack!* Mmm, wheresh thad napkin? Mm! Oh, dammit, it's on the keyboard again! Shit! Mmm...there. Aw, man, this thingsh's a mesh! Mmm. God damn theshe things are good! Pat myshelf on the back! Fug! Wheresh dat water?! *gulp gulp!* Mmm! There, that hit the spot!

Oh, I'm sorry, how rude of me. Here. Want a hot wing? They're mighty tasty.