I was just reading about obsessive compulsive disorder and it seems to me that it may be possible that I have it too. It occured to me that they were just habits but on reading what other people have put here it could be possible that I have it too as mine are very similar.

For instance, when I walk anywhere I have to stay unwrapped. As though there is an imaginary rope wrapped around me and I have to twist round to unwrap it whenever I do a full turn. This finds me walking along and doing a full 360 degrees in the middle of my walking.
I also find that I have to do things 4 times if I do it more than once. If I switch the light on in a room, then off, then on again. Then I have to switch it off,on,off,on,off. Thus doing it all 4 times.

If I am reading a book, and I read a word twice due to misconcentration or something. Then I have to read it another two times, the same goes for sentences and paragraphs. Which makes reading a book rather frustrating. But if I dont do it the full 4 times that I have set myself then I find it even more frustrating and I think about it more and it makes me feel unsatisfied.

OCD also can bring me pain. this oftens quite a lot. my mother hit me, just a little tap around the head as a joke because I had hit her. and she did it twice because I hit her back. At that moment I said 'hit me twice more around the head'. She looked at me strangely.. I asked her again and she did so, but on the fourth hit she hit me just off and instead of it being on the back of my head it caught the right corner which was very bad. For this she had to hit me 3 more times on the right corner of my head, once on the back and because she had hit me in two different places, then I needed her to hit me four times on the left corner of my head and then four on the forehead. This is very very frustrating and I am wondering if it is a problem like a disorder that I have or wether it is just to satisfy my mind.
At the moment this is all I can think of that I do, I know there is a lot more to it. There were a lot of things when I was younger.

Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?