It's probably just an odd coincidence ("hey, man, now hear me out on this!!") .. but

There's this progression of notes i've found cropping up abnormally more often than you'd expect, in random bits of music. Obviously there are only so many ways you can combine notes, and you're going to see people hitting the same tunes every so often, but the funny thing is that this particular sequence, when it does show up, seems to be done the exact same way every time-- same tempo, same key, same everything, even though the surrounding songs have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I've found this happening in:

Listen to the songs, you'll see what i mean. (I wouldn't go hunting them down, though.. i mean, it isn't like this is interesting or anything)
caknuck says re D F F E E D# D# D: I'm pretty sure that the same notes (with the same durations as Let Love Rule) are found in the background of the Gorillaz' 19-2000

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