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This little guy is Marty. He is my middle cat. He is as smart and furry as a smarty furry whip. He is super-loving, and he does exactly what he wants even if you are looking right at him saying, "MARTY!! Marty, NO!!!"

Possible captions for this picture:

"Why does that button say 'sumbit'?"

"Is you called a no-derrr?"

"Mom! Mom! Are you in there? Mom!"

"I heard that writeups taste kind of like kibble."

oakling auspice under?

<oakling> oops

<E2D2> Under where? 

oakling just made you say underwear  

oakling has fulfilled one of my lifelong goals!!!!!!  

oakling does a little dance



my favorite writeups (of mine, of course, not of YOURS. silly.)
1992 FBI Report on Satanic Ritual Abuse
Shame is a Bear
How is poetic form going to help me scream about revolution
Racially specific biological weapon
I Like Bananas Because They've Got No Bones
Dissociative Identity Disorder (but hit multiple to find my self-diagnostic quiz)
Me and Will
Twelve steps
You Should be Sober
Take a Thief
False Memory Syndrome
False Memory Syndrome Foundation funny and well-researched, says... me.
Prosenoder's Cup 2003 (scroll way down to find mine!)
Effects of abuse
Dangerous Families
Fluffy mackerel pudding
Fat acceptance
Jewish Lesbian Daughters of Holocaust Survivors
She's Not There
I think I'm turning into a guy
Project Monarch - four months of research!
and the quintessential birthday story, Strawberry Shortcake's Party Fun.


My reviews for the book review quest:
(done) The Dim Sum of All Things
(done) Strawberry Shortcake's Party Fun
(done) Time Waits for No Mouse
(done) When Society Becomes an Addict
(done) At the Speed of Life
(done) Repressed Memories
(done) Dangerous Families
(done) Sister of the Bride
(done) She's Not There
(done) This Bridge Called My Back
(done) Hey Paesan!
(done) Take a Thief
(done) The Memory Bird
(ALL DONE!!!!!)
Other book reviews I've written:
When Rabbit Howls
Writer's Block
The Nanny Diaries

also: you know what i want to see? some usergroup for people who like nerding over linguistics, english usage, punctuation, and giving each other noding/writing feedback. it could be called e2pandas or something. who's with me? /msg me!

and furthermore, consider joining e2pandas.


Current Project: going through all the writeups of mine which have reputations of 4 or less and polishing them.


Promoted to or past 5:
  • industrial carpeting
  • shade-tolerant
  • Tirthankara
  • Jamison Green
  • bandari (done!)
  • Red Flag Warning (done! what was my obsession with fire?)
  • queernet (done!)
  • Robert Hart (done! woo!)
  • How to Moderate a Listserv using qmail (done!)
  • San Francisco Folk Music Center
  • Short sharp shock (For the moment, I think this is enough.)
  • intensedrama productions (Done. OH my god, I AM insane.)
  • Abebooks (so done! wooooooo!)
  • right to marry (done, at least for the moment)
  • Preoccupied Pipers (done!)
  • boydykefag (done!)
  • NGLTF (done!)
  • Camp Trans (done! Man... I noded my ass off. This used to be one paragraph long!)
  • multiple personalities (done!)
  • trannyfag (For the moment, I think this is enough.)

    Deleted at my request:

  • Planet Out
  • System
  • forefront (GOD what was I THINKING?)
  • I am a victim of the American public school system
  • third-gender
  • agroforestry
  • nothing nut
  • swishy
  • Make-A-Circus
  • The oddest of odd flavors
  • TwenCen
  • Campfire
  • Spreading like wildfire
  • Political theatre

  • Integrate

    Cooking With E2:

    • <Senso> My favorite is: put a salmon block on a tin foil sheet. Add a tomato slice. Ass a mozzarella slice. Add another tomato slice. Add another mozzarella slice. Add a spoonful of olive oil. Close the tin broil, put in the over = HMMMM.
    • Steve's Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookies: All battered up and ready to refrigerate... review when I cook and eat 'em! But it looks tasty!
    • Golden mushroom gravy: Yum! Kudos! Hats off. This is great because I never knew any decent sauce recipes. I needed something to dress up my tofu (actually Quorn) cutlet, and this did nicely!
    • Crepe: These are very tasty! I used gluten-free bean flour, which made them taste different but good. And I filled them with lemon quark and organic blackberries. Yum yum!!!
    • Chick pea curry: Made with added Chunks of Tasty Potato! It totally lives up to its node: it is tasty, filled with protein and fruityvegetable goodness, and very easy to make! Hooray! I actually made something that tasted like a real person in a restaurant made it!
    • Chocolate pudding: Um... it's good! But it would have been even better if I had not deviated from yclept's recipe and added Way Too Much Peppermint Oil! *sigh* all i wanted was the mint chocolate pudding of my childhood....
    • Tofu with peanut sauce: oo is good. And if you use powdered garlic instead of fresh, there is the added strange thing that instead of saucy tofu it is more like breaded tofu. Like fried chicken! Except not! So it's kind of like getting TWO recipes! :->
    • Artichoke Bites: I added chopped garlic, half a young head, instead of two young green onions. And a bunch of fresh cilantro and parsely and (a little) basil. And chili flakes instead of tabasco. and then I had to add extra eggs and crackers cause I put in so much other stuff. It turned out a little bland nevertheless, because not all my artichokes were marinated. But it is still very tasty and filling and fun!!
    • Fresh chickpea, parmesan and leek soup: Alas, not yet with fresh chickpeas. But they have some at Berkeley Bowl, and indeed I will buy them and EATTHEM ALLUOOOOPP.... update 9.27.04: i did and they were VERY GOOD! they make the canned ones taste mealy and gritty, because the fresh ones are tasty and squeaky-green! like fresh peas! which they are! but peas of chick!
      I had to use organic New Zealand Farmhouse Cheese instead of parmesan, which ironically moves my soup closer to sneff geographically. I did use the rind, and extra garlic instead of onion. It is so buttery and tasty and yum!!! I will make it a million times!
    • Lometa's French Toast Madness: So many recipes! So little decent bread in my house! But I've never heard of deep-frying it and I had never thought of making fancy butter for it! Wow! Ok: I'm going to make cubes (never thought of that before either!) of french toast, and mix maple syrup with the butter while they fry, and then ummmm... EXCITEMENT! Okay,technically they're squares. But so bite-sized and fun to eat!
    • Perfect Bean Salad - Yum! This has so much to entertain my tongue! Parts of it are very sweet, there's crunchiness, there are beans, there's bursts of herb, there's everything in here! And such good protein and vegetables in abundance, just like the new food pyramid says we should have! And it's so pretty! And it makes a ton! More than a cubic foot of food is now MINE!
    • Tamarind and star anise chicken - vegetarian-style! I used tasty tasty veat. Shut up - it turned out good enough that my cat started ripping pieces off my fork and running away to eat them in private. The tamarind/star anise marinade made it sweet and tart on the outside, and lent a fabulous juiciness to the veggie chicken. Yum. And now I'm using the leftover marinade to flavor some tofu and then sauce up a tofu-broccoli stirfry!
    • Miracula miribilia mega-garlic soup - Oh, this is good. I had to use pinto beans instead of great northern beans, but they were so creamy and tasty. I added a little garlic powder at the end, too, just because I just bought some, and used red pepper flakes instead of hot paprika because I think they're the same. Or something. The store didn't have "hot" paprika damnit. Just non-specific paprika, the sides of which usually described it as sweet. I didn't think olives and big sugar snap peas would be good in soup, but this was very tasty, with lots of interesting yummy things in it to amuse my mouth. I also used "teriyaki" flavor baked tofu instead of meat; it was hell of yummy. I highly recommend this soup and think Arcanamundi is some sort of goddess now. Eat it!!!
    • Potato and dill terrine - sneff was kind enough to profess faith in my ability to make this with a kitchen knife instead of a mandoline, so I gave it a shot. The slices of potato turned out uneven and sometimes thicker than they should have been, but this was very tasty and cool and creamy. I especially liked it with the gin cured "salmon" below. Mmmmmmmmm.
    • Gin cured salmon - but with fake salmon! and someday, fake gin! ;) I used Veat brand fake fish, which is quite tasty if you don't expect a fishy texture at all. I wasn't thinking of this as a lox recipe, so I was surprised at how salty and loxy it in fact was. I didn't rinse it enough and I left the curing mixture on far too long (probably twice as long as the recipe recommends) but I still think it was good. I served it to myself over mashed potatoes with a little too much wasabi (but saved by cream and cheese and sea salt) and with a little vegetarian caviar on top. The caviar made it extra-extra-good.
    • Mushroom soup - Yum-tacular! I used more kinds of mushrooms cause I know where to buy a ton of different kinds: portobello of course, crimini (brown) instead of white mushrooms, and some uh... wild mushrooms I forget the name of. Eryngii or something and something else. It was hellll of gooood. Additionally, it makes a fantastic sauce for the noodles of your choice afterward, or for jazzing up rice or potatoes or, well, you know. Mmmmm, mushrooms.
    • Fresh Gnocchi In Wild Mushroom Sauce - well, the sauce. I used penne instead of gnocchi, which I realize is totally different. I think my mushrooms were oyster and cremini, but what do I know. DEEEElicious. I've never cooked something that made me this happy before :) Oh I also added cream instead of mushroom liquor because I didn't use dried porcini. Is it a totally different recipe yet?....
      8/13/03 - I've now made this with actual (although prepackaged) gnocchi, and actual wild mushroom sauce, sans cream, with dried and rewatered porcini. The sauce is the stuff of the gods, especially if you are a fan of mushrooms - and if you're not, why on earth are you eating it? Go have some oatmeal, you boring person!
      All right, I admit it. I didn't put in an onion.
    • Sopa de ajo - I've made this before from a slightly different recipe. It was good both times. I liked this one better: I used the Spanish version (rather than the Mexican version) and put thinly sliced vegetarian lunch meat (fake turkey flavor yum!) and toasted that and the bread in some olive oil before adding them. Tasty-licious. And used vegetable broth, of course. With the olive oil and garlic and meat taste, it reminded me of good homemade chicken soup, although of course I haven't had that in a while! I made it for some meat-eating friends in Texas, too, and they all really liked it.
    • Bananas in coconut milk - Yum! I used fructose instead of sugar (sucrose) and it was just as good and better for me ;) Very sweet and creamy and warm.
    • Saffron milk caps with green beans and garlic - I used the above mishmash of mushrooms plus shiitake, I think. It's yummy, it's good for adding to other dishes as leftovers, and it was easy to make. I'm not a huge fan of vinegar, but it had a good sort of "mushrooms you buy at the deli counter" taste. And I think the vinegar helped it keep a lot longer in the fridge.
    • Oven potatoes made me happy - Tasty and basic. I had some problems cooking it - I left the peels on and cooked it a little too long and some of them got a little dry. They were still very good with the mushrooms, though, even though I also belatedly realized I had no teriyaki sauce or soy sauce or even an onion and had to just put mushrooms (and, oddly, some Bone Suckin' Sauce on alone. I tossed them on the potatoes and put them in to cook a little more: it made the house smell wonderful. Mushrooms make anything tastier.
    • Chicken under a brick - I like to call it bricken! I actually had bricks in my fucking backyard, can you believe it? Two bricks covered all the ten chicken legs I chose to bricken. They are sizzling away right this instant, happy as clams BUT THEY'RE CHICKENS!



    yclept wonders if one can sandwich pansies between thin layers of rolled fondant and have them show through as if through tissuepaper....

    My Daylogs:
    November 2, 2004
    September 27, 2003
    September 5, 2003
    August 14, 2003
    August 1, 2003
    June 27, 2003

    Inspiration for future noding:




  • Reverse Genders Where Appropriate
  • Dangling preposition
  • Kern County Ritual Abuse Case
  • McMartin Preschool Trial
  • I did not miss what my body did not remember, until it was reminded
  • Raoul Wallenberg
  • transman
  • collation of all the gm food issues
  • badges of the holocaust
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Dr. Corrydon Hammond
  • Who's Got The Crack
  • sign language
  • sign language interpreters on e2
  • I sold my soul on eBay
  • It's all a blank, which makes me think something far far worse has actually happened
  • Pins, my sweetness. Pins for your eyes.
  • dustfromamoth
  • tres equis
  • US States without the death penalty
  • Fernando Pessoa
  • Men's rights movement
  • Southern Comfort
  • chinese laundry
  • mind control
  • abuse
  • MPD (consider: workshop outline?)
  • bipennis
  • Everything quest
  • Blue Starch Acid For Baby's New Tooth
  • the giggles
  • Welsh Rap
  • How to order a Happy Meal without embarrassment
  • Pah
  • How to make french fries
  • Cha-Ya
  • eating kittens
  • node maintenance
  • The Man Who Ate Everything
  • Oakland, California

    Inspiration for future cooking:


    $ Wuukiee: i was very excited though. today they not only had peaches and nectarines, but whiteflesh peaches and nectarines, which i prefer somewhat strongly
    oakling: they're sweeter
    oakling used to work at a peach stand at a farmer's market one summer
    oakling: i should node about that instead of spending my time READING EMAILS FROM MY BOSS THAT ARE WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS
    $ Wuukiee: they're sweeter and the flavor is slightly dantier--i once had some species of whiteflesh peach that tasted like roses smell almost. that was divine.
    $ Wuukiee: but you should node that, oakling. it would make for a neat read.
    oakling: yeah :)
    oakling: sigh... i should node "food that tastes like roses smell"
    El Puerco Loco: ♫millions of peaches, peaches for me♫
    $ Wuukiee: oooooh please do!

    hmm. according to node-fu and, my median node-fu is 21 as represented by vegetarian rennet. that's so much higher than it used to be! it was stuck at 18 for AGES! :-)
    (10/16/03) and my mode is 7 instead of 4! finally!!
    (the formula:{(NC-1)/2}&node_id=1223826&usersearch=username&orderby=reputation%20ASC) more importantly.... (
    (8/19/03) my merit has gone up from 7.52 to 7.84 today!! i'm so excited!!
    (8/25?/03) i made honor roll!!
    (12/27/03) woo... my merit hit 10 and my node-fu hit 25... i should make some rule like "when I hit some kind of benchmark I have to do an interesting daylog about it instead of boring people here."

    i like to read about linguistics.
    lateral fricative
    Finnish swearwords and curses
    a medieval welsh joke
    how to translate a latin sentence
    using japanese on e2
    The Lord's Prayer: Klingon
    Trst needs no schwa
    Slovenian adjectives
    Trilingual Everything, a start

    I also like to read about people being multiple:





  • dissociative identity disorder
  • multiple personalities
  • multiple
  • co-conscious
  • integration
  • February 10, 2004
  • February 17, 2004
  • March 21, 2004
  • An introduction to my inside selves as they say goodbye
    *this is not yet complete*

    oakling is newly enamored of the idea of Earth as "the great cookie"
    <briglass> Everyone: note the exact measure of oakling's enamoring. This will be the uniform enamorement for everyone else regarding the notion. Any change in enamorement is done at power of 10 incrementals from the standard unit of 1 oaklet
    <briglass> A great order will come to the world, with the concept of the earth as a great cookie being the religious, linguistic, ethical, scientific, and sexy epicenter.
    <briglass> The word God will be replaced with God, an acronym for "Great Orbital Delicacy"

    <BeauRed> go for it choca-oakling



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