Highly addictive and potentially dangerous disease. Known to strike at extremely inopportune times. Can be transmitted through vocal or even visual means, and once transmitted, both the carrier and the infected patient can actually worsen each other's situation (see The Giggle Loop.)

Usually the infection begins as a combination of two things:

  1. A humorous joke, sight, situation or comment.
  2. A situation where laughing loudly (the antidote) is frowned upon or simply inappropriate.

The two times I become highly infected with the giggles are:

  • The hairdresser, when I'm getting my hair washed.
  • Getting a massage, on certain parts of my back.
Some people, including myself (as you can note from the case study above) seem to have giggle transmitters in bizarre locations on their body, that can be set off only at certain times or by certain things. However, no medical proof has been documented for these causes and so there remains no vaccine currently. Patients use temporary relief aids such as breathing exercises and visualization of dead puppies.

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