I've had a pretty interesting day. It's my first real day of college classes, which is a big deal for a Freshman. I got up at 6:45 (which was shear agony - I haven't gotten up before 7:30 for a month), got ready, and went to my first class, a literature class. It went fine for the first 30 seconds, until we get our reading assignment. We have to read a ton in that class - I knew I'd have a lot of reading, but this is more then can be imagined (and is probably what I should be doing instead of this :)).

Next class, Calculus. I like math, and the teacher is great, so this was almost perfect. If it could just be sometime after 9 am - I'm not a morning person by any means. However, it was still good - I learned a lot, even if it was about something I knew a lot about already.

Next up: Computer 151. This is the 3rd level computer class, but it's the intro class for Comp Sci majors like me. I'm glad I didn't go to one of the earlier ones - I could have taught this class, I could probably teach the others in my sleep (a good thing, come to think of it - I like sleep). Over half the people hadn't programmed a thing in their life, whereas I have been programming professionally for 3 years. I ended up falling asleep a couple times due to missing my daily caffeine dosage. If you noticed earlier, I didn't say breakfast, then first class - I just said first class. I normally like eating breakfast. Especially since I can get Mountain Dew from the soda machine - I have trouble waking up at normal times without it, let alone early. But I was moving too slow from being tired to get to the dining hall in time, and had to go straight to class instead (barely getting there on time).

The next class was the very cool Honors Foundations of Thought class. Unfortunately, we didn't get much past intoductions (which we didn't bother with in other classes - this one was the smallest by a factor of 3). But from the looks of things, it'll be a really enjoyable class.

The next part of the day was great though - It was 1:20, and I haden't had anything to eat. I though the Dining Commons were closed by then... but since my dorm is right next to them, I checked anyway, and they still had food! There was much rejoicing over this. The food wasn't too good (probably the worst meal I've had here these past few days), but I was hungry enough that I didn't care.

Then... um, I got on my computer. First I played ARC, a great free online game. After hitting 30 kills in the MADWARSE3 map (my best in a month, though I've hit over 50 when I have time to practice). After that, I needed something to do to wind down (it has simple graphics, but ARC can get the adrenaline pumping), so I came and typed this, my first Day Log.