Bad cats are tough to catch. When you're not looking, they're doing bong hits. As the month progresses, your liquor gets more and more watered down, until the bad cat "accidently" knocks over the bottle so you have to buy more alcohol. When you're at work, the bad cat brings home dirty, nasty, skanky cats that are full of greasy fleas and they screw them on your pillow. They drink from the milk carton when you're looking the other way. Those dead mice you find were a combination of Feng Shui and Cthulhu worship, except you keep stumbling onto the rituals before the bad cat can set the house aflame.

You never know when you have a bad cat until it's too late.

People who don't understand cats can quite often be heard scolding an errant feline with a cry of 'bad cat!'

This is futile. Although most cats understand every word said to them, they never listen because to do so would be beneath them. Learning 'good' behaviour would go against everything they stand for.

If you don't like that about them, what are you doing with a cat in the first place?

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