Triple B

A Triple B is a shooter made with equal parts of:

As you can probably guess, this is quite a disgusting liquid. It it the most vile thing I have ever put into my mouth.

Boring Anecdote Alert:

I ran into it on my 20th birthday. Me and my father headed over to a Scottish bar nearby, the Kilt and Caber. I started out the night with a couple of Dr. Pepper's and a pint of Sleeman's Cream Ale.

Naturally, when the bartender heard it was my birthday, he decided to try and kill me. He started out by setting one of these before me. "Drink this." "What's in it?" "I'll tell you after."

Note to self: it is always a bad sign when they don't tell you what's in it.

I came close to having to use that bucket that he also set down in front of me. But, on the plus side, after drinking that, the other two shots I had bought for me that night, Tequila and Jägermeister, almost tasted good.

Back to the Bartender with thee!

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