I just got back from the gym, where I spent almost an hour walking... about 500 calories burned. I didn't want to do the weights tonight since I don't want to be sore during the christmas party tomorrow.

I went to the doctor today and got my perscription cut back a bit. I can now stop taking one pill and only half of another. I also have lost 12 pounds since my last visit.

My doctor still wants to check my blood sugar levels; she thinks I'm right on the borderline to being a diabetic. I will go back in a week to get my blood sugar checked. In the mean time, I will consume no sugar :)

She is a very pretty doctor. She is thin, asian, long dark hair, nice voice, and looks to be either in her late 20s or early 30s. She's very nice. She actually spent a good 10 minutes talking with me about my health and things (That's about 8 more minutes than my previous doctor would spend). She mentioned that she recognized me on the local news broadcast when I was down at the Palm Beach County protest a few weeks ago.

I'm really glad to be able to dump some of my perscriptions and that I have good evidence of my improving health.

I was having some anxiety earlier today before going to the doctor, mostly about tomorrow's party. I have no way to ratonalize why I get anxious before social events, I just do. I took some kava kava, and a few hours later (and after my doctor's appointment) I felt fine.

I've got a lot of things to do before the party tomorrow.

  • get my dress shirt ironed (I don't own an iron, so I'll have to go down to the dry cleaners and have them press it).
  • fill up my car with gas
  • polish my dress shoes
  • pick up something to smell good
  • buy a new belt (my current belt is too large)
I guess I'm going to need to wake up early tomorrow. I should probably get to sleep soon.