A little escapism never hurt anyone. The key is moderation, right? Ummm... sure. That's just peachy talk, but in actual practice it isn't always easy. So, have I been overly escapist lately? Yup. It beats the hell out of mundane everyday crap. Procrastination can be beneficial, but too much causes problems. At least the main tasks get done... eventually...

I wouldn't have even left my house this week if it weren't for my son's PT/OT/ST appointments. Plus, he needed diapers. Heck, I even tried to go to one of my A.A. homegroup's meetings this week, but got royally aggrevated. Why? Because too many well-intentioned (or just plain nosy) people there wouldn't simply let me be just another recovering drunk in a meeting. Nooooo... It seems like all they want to talk about is my increasingly obvious pregnancy. I politely tried to discourage those discussions to no avail. I'm just grateful that I didn't need to be at that meeting!

Maybe I'm just overly sensitive right now, but crap like that borders on being rude. For example, if one were to meet an amputee on the street it would be stupid to say, "Dude, you're missing a limb!" Like, no shit, Sherlock!

Maybe it's not just the day-to-day stuff I'm trying to ditch. It would simply be refreshing to talk with people about other topics for a change. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy E2. Love youze guys! {{{hugs}}}