One of my more terrifying dreams ever. Not in a nightmarish sort of way, but somewhat like the wave dream it makes me shiver in my head when I think of it. This one was worse.

I was hanging around a decently nice pad with a group of college-age people. As college comes around the corner, relevant dreams are to be expected, but this certainly wasn't anything I've ever done or imagine doing. They - I don't use we in an attempt to distance myself from the others - were up to no good, and I mean that. I'm not a very judgemental person. I'm a libertarian, I believe in 'live and let live', I don't care what you're doing, but I have issues with IV drug use due to the nearly universal physical addiction. Quoting from Gunmn, Never trust the needle when it cries your name. It's the strange mutant that can be a chipper. They were injecting something into their veins - heroin, morphine, who knows.

God help me, I joined them. I could feel the shadow whisps of acceptance and friendship that addicts put out when getting someone to try their drug of choice. I stuck out my arm and stuck in the needle.

Obviously, I don't have any idea what heroin really feels like. I've read Naked Lunch, Junky (quite recently - probably what brought it on) and I've seen the black tar heroin special on HBO, but it's like dreaming about sex when I was still a virgin - I'm only guessing, and it's my subconscious that's guessing. As it was, I imagine my dream reaction was far more vigorous than the real thing: A sense of extreme euphoria attached to wild shaking and the need to move.

The rest of the dream was just moving around the flat in a very altered state. I think this is the scariest dream I've ever had.