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Touch her

We were sitting in the circular centre of my dream book/coffee shop. Dream Girl has an intense frown on her face as she concentrates on what I am saying. I tell her that she should not wear any leather. Every time I pause, she reaches out with both hands and puts her palms on my shoulders. As soon as I speak, she snatches her hands away.

She tells me that I should buy some more books on flying. I try to hold her hand, but she pulls away.

I am very unhappy at this, but she has disappeared.

...further on...

The bookshelves are empty in the house by the river. I look all over the house but someone has locked some of the doors. I find one mouldy old book under some plant pots in the garden shed.

I throw the book into the river. I am angry, then guilty. I untie the boat and sail after the book which is floating downstream. The book disappears as it enters the tunnel, my boat gets stuck at the entrance. Dream Girl stands on the towpath and holds her hand out to me. I am afraid to jump the water. She is holding the book, which is now in pristine condition.

I jump across to her. The book becomes some leafy branches with rose blooms, but no thorns.

She laughs as I hold her.

I am getting married.

Nothing strikes me as wrong for this statement, it's widely accepted that as young as I may be, I have the option to marry whenever I want, to whomever I want. I announce to my dad and he says that we'll just have to take me down to the marriage yard. The point is, I am lying. No one even asked me to marry them. I'm a man short of the whole operation.

My dad gets me in his car and he drives me out to a junk yard. I walk around and I meet these twenty-year-old women, mostly minorities, with children. Completely torn apart by poverty, and imagine, they feel sorry for me! I tell them my husband is definitely the greatest of all men; I draw a mental picture of him and he looks like my conceptual image of Isaac Newton. Three women approach me and ask me for my papers. I look down at theirs and I see questions like, "What is the goal of your marriage?" "How many times have you (!!!)" (no, it was really written like that), "Are you going to open a store at the mall called Brides for Brooms? If not, we are!"

I hitched a ride back home with some of my stepsister's friends and everyone was eager to meet my husband, so I called up my old science teacher, and introduced them to him. The dream ended on a sour note that I won't describe here, but I am still sick from it.

I get the key to my hotel room in the lobby. It´s room 801, that´s on the 89:th floor. When I think about in I can´t remember this hotel having more than twelve floors...but maybe I have been wrong all along. I step into the elevator and push the button for the 89:th floor.

The walls of the lift are made of glass and I can see the city below, the river and two boats. People without faces getting on and off the lift as I continue the trip to the floor where my room is.

After having past the 30:th floor I am alone, no one entering or leaving. Looking down at the floor of the elevator I suddenly notice that there is a gap, about half a meter wide between the floor and the walls! I freeze in panic! The elevator starting to accelarate and vibrate I get severely acrophobic, though I´ve never been afraid of heights before.

However, the nightmarish rush towards the top of the building ends and I get out, shaken, trying to find the way to my room..
I find a reception desk and ask the balding man behind it which corridor to enter.

"Oh, room 801. That´s on the 2:nd floor!"

"So the rooms starting with one-hundred-something are at the top of the building and…."

"Yeah that´s right, we start from the top and go to the bottom!" Smiling nauseatingly at me. "So you just take the elevator down again!"

I dare not take the elevator, instead I grab my bags and start walking down the stairs. The stairs, this I know, only have two exits - one at the 89:th and one at the first floor . When I am somewhere in the middle, the lights go out

Last night I was bombarded with a series of completely insane dreams, with odd themes, strange people involved and bits of reality floating about.

The first I remember is being angry with my friend about some male she'd brought home (he'd brought his brother), and a girl I hated in high school trying to talk us through it. I've absolutely no idea why she would have been involved at all. Well, anyway, it was never resolved, I was still angry with her, and then.. she wrote a little poem in arabic about me. It was posted on a little poster outside of a store downtown (toronto, i think). I wish I could remember what the name of the other person at this point of the dream was.. someone remotely famous I think.. she called him ziggy I think but I couldn't be sure.

The next set of dream matter was crazy, insane. I was back in high school, you were there and we were at some bar off the side of the school drinking with some other people. There was a pretty blonde.. and you kept ignoring me for her. It was pissing me off, as I recall.. you were supposed to go get me a drink, but you went and got it then gave it to her accidentally. So I hopped over the bar seats and went away from there with some of my friends from high school. I walked over to a shelf and picked up a porcelain rabbit with red hair and a wreath on its head made of carrots. I started crying. It was Willow from Buffy then, that I saw in my mind and I cried and said I missed her so much. And then I looked at the price tag, $5.17, and said I was going to buy it with the five dollars in my pocket. (I really do have five dollars in my pocket). I have no idea where that dream went after that.. but..

The last dream I remember before waking up involved my favourite Aunt's husband's brother dying. I know his family but not well, and thusly couldn't even say which brother it was.. but everyone was back in a high school I went to in Manitoba. We were told that we could skip first class and go to a memorial in the gymnasium. So me and a friend I had back in high school, Tracy, went.. but not before the procession into the place that included his dad, sister, cousin, mother and some other assorted people I met at their wedding. People were shaking hands, my dad hit my hands with flyswatters and I thought it was soo hilarious that I started laughing and felt so inappropriate. Another uncle on my mom's side was grinning at the door because I was laughing but I soon held it back as to not appear disrespectful. They were all dressed in what appeared to be Jewish religion type stuff.. but they're Italian, so I'm not entirely sure *why*.

Well, when we got into the gymnasium, they sang some song in hebrew (not that I know any hebrew), and I talked to my friend a bit. Some people were using the memorial thing as a way to finish up homework before first class, and I thought that was really selfish but that my uncle's brother who the memorial was for would have been doing the same thing if it were someone else. Then they decided to play a film of some sort which I figured would be dedicated somehow.. but at first it was just commercials. I kept wondering why on earth they'd have commercials at a memorial assembly. Some strange looking dork type stood up in front of the white screen the film was showing on and read part of the advertisements that were missing sound. Strange.. I never saw the rest of the film because..

..I woke up.

I'm sitting with her on a park bench in Seattle. It doesn't look like Seattle. It looks like Honolulu, but it's Seattle. She stands up and looks at me. She's about to say "I love you" but then one of those antique bathtubs with the feet on it jumps out of a tree on top of her and she disappears. Then I have to carry the tub on my back to LA. It's rough going but I meet a kid with a toy truck. I steal the kid's truck and balance the tub on it. Now all I have to do is push the tub.

I'm at the police station with my dad. He's getting charged with a DUI which is odd because he can't drink. He's allergic. I keep asking him what's going on and why they think he was drinking and he just keeps saying "that's the way the ball bounces".

I am visiting a friend, an older man, avuncular, who runs an old-fashioned pharmacy. We are chatting about, among other things, the recent increase in the number of beggars and the difference between genuine street people and criminals, when two men enter the shop. Something in their eyes makes me nervous, but before I can act on this one of them has pulled a knife on my friend and the other has barred the exit. The door is glass but the street is deserted and nobody will see us. There is no panic button and I can't reach a phone. I am numb with horror and the same thought keeps repeating: "oh no, not again, not again"....

G / ~

  • I did not want to forget the frustrated young man trying to cross the street, so I took off my right hand and left it with the woman. When I walked away it turned into a bunch of carrots and my hand was back on my wrist. This frustrated me.
  • James or thefez and I were in my grandmother's back room. The movers were in the way and we had to squeeze under a ladder to get through a door. The woman was angry with us for being there but we tried to convince her we were just going home. James/thefez showed her a stack of cds as proof. She liked the cd with the picture of the girl in the rowboat. As soon as we were past her she called us back. I said Oliver I think she wants to talk to you. The magnetic poetry on the fridge was all about being gay in New York.

I'm in a room crowded with people, and I sort of bump into this girl, and I notice she also has a Palm Pilot. I'm about to trade phone numbers with her, but then I remember my "beam receive" is turned off on my device, and then she disappears.

I fell asleep dreaming about noding. I was in such a hype from my latenight noding that ideas were rushing through my mind. The dream is kind of hazy now, but I remember waking up and thinking that it would have made a mediocre movie. I was going to take the express bus to Manhatten with my Mom. Somehow, a giant waterpark tunnel that was situated on top of the midtown tunnel burst, rendering the tunnel flooded and impassable. I ,however, was already in the city. I had no money and no way of knowing how to locate my mother. I developed a plan to go from bus stop to bus stop in search of her.......Then I awoke. checked the clock and groaned,nodded off. I dreamnt that Craig's neighbor, whom I met one day at the pizza store, was informing me that one of my best friends had gone insane and become a shut in. Hmmmm.... disturbing dreams.

I honestly have no idea where this one came from.

I'm driving in my truck and I ask someone who is not there to pass me the ham. As he leans over to hand me the ham, he says, "Hey you're oil pressure's really low. You better fix that!" To which I reply, "No hurry I don't mind filling it with a little oil now and then. I'll fix it once I have the money." At this time he said something about how friends of mine will start dying if I continued to procrastinate about that. I looked at him funny, now it's at this point I realize that I'm not talking to a person, it's a 'no one', a shadowy image of a man. I say what? He then starts going down a list, showing me what order they are in, and who will be next. This scares me, and I start biting him. Then he dies, and sure enough 'no one' was the next name on the list.
It was very odd, and made no sense, whatsoever.

I was lying on a blanket in the sun. Two of my co-workers (not my real co-workers, just dream entities) walked by and I heard one say sotto voce to the other, "She's got to go!" At that, one flung something wrapped in cloth at my head, but missed. Then the pair of them jumped on me, holding me down.

One had his hand on my face, and I got my left canines on the tip of one finger and bit hard. Super hard, like I was going to drill through it.

He yelped and got off me enough that I could stand up. Even though they were guys, I knew I was going to beat the crap out of the pair of them...

But I woke up because somehow I realized I was dreaming and was concerned that I might in reality be biting my SO's finger (but I was not).

I'm on some Starship Troopers-esque planet with bugs.

Me and my group of people find out that the "bugs" on this place are some bastard race of those things from Tremors and those spinny things that were in the sand levels in The Legend of Zelda.

Of course, a few people get munched. We eventually figure out that by cutting out giant throwing star contraptions and wearing them about the boots, the bugs learn their lesson after the first few people that are eaten and the throwing star boots shread their internals.

Every one else lives happily ever after.

One of my more terrifying dreams ever. Not in a nightmarish sort of way, but somewhat like the wave dream it makes me shiver in my head when I think of it. This one was worse.

I was hanging around a decently nice pad with a group of college-age people. As college comes around the corner, relevant dreams are to be expected, but this certainly wasn't anything I've ever done or imagine doing. They - I don't use we in an attempt to distance myself from the others - were up to no good, and I mean that. I'm not a very judgemental person. I'm a libertarian, I believe in 'live and let live', I don't care what you're doing, but I have issues with IV drug use due to the nearly universal physical addiction. Quoting from Gunmn, Never trust the needle when it cries your name. It's the strange mutant that can be a chipper. They were injecting something into their veins - heroin, morphine, who knows.

God help me, I joined them. I could feel the shadow whisps of acceptance and friendship that addicts put out when getting someone to try their drug of choice. I stuck out my arm and stuck in the needle.

Obviously, I don't have any idea what heroin really feels like. I've read Naked Lunch, Junky (quite recently - probably what brought it on) and I've seen the black tar heroin special on HBO, but it's like dreaming about sex when I was still a virgin - I'm only guessing, and it's my subconscious that's guessing. As it was, I imagine my dream reaction was far more vigorous than the real thing: A sense of extreme euphoria attached to wild shaking and the need to move.

The rest of the dream was just moving around the flat in a very altered state. I think this is the scariest dream I've ever had.

the scene:
Dinner at a long pieced together table in the fashion of a family gathering. Card, kitchen, and rented folding tables pushed together and covered in a patchwork of old tableclothes and mis-matched china. Most of the dishes have been cleared and there are only a few plates and wine glasses sitting out. Women are clearing the table and kids are running circles around the table and then off into the living room, out the front door, back in through the back and around the table again.
Kristine is my ex-girlfriend and she is not there but her sister is along with another girl who, by the strangness of dreams, is another sister who doesn't exist in the waking world. They are talking about Kristine and trying to provoke me it seems with particulars about her new life. I try to remain calm and listen to their stories but the stress is building regardless of my attempts to distinguish it. One of the sisters, Megan, brings up Kristine's new boyfriend and and stares at me from across the table searching for signs of discomfort in my expression. Desparate to remain calm, I say "yes ,yes, do tell me how it's going" but at the same time reach for a half full glass of some sort of juice sitting near by an gulp it down. A sudden and voracious thirst has come over me. As I try to act calm and interested in the discussion, I'm grabbing at nearby glasses and sucking the left-over liquid out of each and then begin picking the left-overs off of the remaining plates and saying, betwen gulps and with a mouth full of food, "I'd really like to know, really".
The spectacle I make is distracting to the point that Megan just stares in disgust, no, maybe more like confusion. I decide to leave, maybe in search of something more to drink but once I get out to the sidewalk I start spitting as I walk and soon I am trying to spit from the very bottom of my throat. At first the spittle is watery and abundant but eventually I feel like I've got cotton mouth or have just eaten a block of cheese so that the spittle is hard to gather and sticks to my lips...
I woke up blowing bubbles into my pillow.
i have had a reoccuring dream since i was a little kid and i just had it again last night. it's short and sweet.

Lex Luthor has somehow captured Superman and has him cuffed in kryptonite handcuffs. Lex (that sly old bastard him) took Superman into this big HUGE room that was black and dark and i couldn't see the walls. In the middle of this room is a huge U - shaped table with all of the big - time super villans sitting around it. Superman is thrown to the floor in the middle of this table and Lex acts like he's a judge and sentences Superman to death. Oh NO!!! The last thing i remember before i wake up (every time) is Lex pointing a kryptonite ray gun at Superman and puling the trigger. I wonder what that means?

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