A place of business dedicated to the vending of deep fried potato segments, aka chips. Most chippers will also carry a diverse range of ancillary food products, ranging from deep fried fish to deep fried sausages to deep fried mars bars. You can also expect to find burgers (beef, chicken or veggie), kebabs and sometimes even Pizza. The world acknowledges "The Fountain" on James's Street, Dublin, Ireland as the finest chipper ever to exist.

Note: The word chip is here used in the European sense.

Someone who engages in the use of highly physically addictive drugs without becoming an addict. These people are very rare, and their ability to do so depends partially on personality and strength of will and also on physical makeup - some people simply form less of a craving, and some form none at all.

The term comes from junky slang, although it has expanded from simply heroin use. Recreational smokers get called this as well as puffer, although many are probably on their way to addiction.

Chip"per (?), v. i. [Cf. Cheep, Chirp.]

To chirp or chirrup.

[ Prov. Eng.]



© Webster 1913.

Chip"per, a.

Lively; cheerful; talkative.

[U. S.]


© Webster 1913.

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