Spent my day at my Grandma's house because my aunt, uncle, and cousins left to Newark, NJ. My uncle is a lawyer and he's there to bust some guy out of jail. Watched a lot of television after I woke up at 1. Not a lot of sleep but interesting dreams anyway. I've been dreaming lately about my ex-girlfriend and I don't think it's because I want her back. I think it's because I'm looking for someone to replace her. Or maybe I miss the fun we had together, see she was a lot like me. Well you can't really see but that's beside the point. Some friends of mine came over, I held on to the back of my friends truck, bad idea], he braked real hard and my gripping hurt. He even ran over my foot!! OUCH!! Well it hurt but not a lot, I was surprised at how little pain I felt, though it could have been because of the morphine.... Watched Terminator 2, came upstairs to see who was online. Talked to clearpebbles, she didn't want to play Literati with me. Went back to finish the movie, and made all of my friends leave at about 1 in the morning.