Canadian punk band formed around 1981 in Edmonton, Alberta (now based in Vancouver, British Columbia) around the core of Chi Pig (Ken Chin, vocalist and lyricist) and guitar playing brothers Muc (Marc) and Bunt (Brent) Belke. The core remained steady, while a succession of bass players and drummers passed through, until 1998 when they became a four piece with only Chi Pig and Muc remaining as original members.

While there seems to be no "official" explanation of the name, some possibilities have been floated around: a variation on the term snafu, Society's No Fucking Use, and Stupid Name For Us. Known for highly energetic stage shows and quirky lyrics written with a sense of humor that is somewhat dark and sometimes even surreal. Also known for naming each full-length release with a seven word title:

  • And No One Else Wanted to Play (1986, recorded in 1984)
  • If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish (1986)
  • Better Than a Stick in the Eye (1988)
  • The Last of the Big Time Suspenders (1989, includes live tracks)
  • Something Green and Leafy This Way Comes (1993)
  • The One Voted Most Likely to Succeed (1995)
  • FYULABA (1996, "Fuck You Up Like a Bad Accident")
  • let's get it right the first time (1998, live album)

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