Pennywise formed in 1988 released an album on Theologian Records then signed with Epitaph Records. With whom they have released 5 more albums. They are a skate/surf/hardcore punk band. Similar to Bad Religion at times. Mostly their lyrics revolve around social relevancy with a message about the world around us. Often their songs contain positive, optimistic lyrics wrapped in a heavy, speedy, driving rhythm.
Jim Lindberg - vocals
Fletcher Dragge - guitar
Randy Bradbury - bass
Byron Chase McMackin - drums
Jason Thirsk(1967-1996) - bass
A Word from the Wise
About Time
Full Circle
Home Movies
Unknown Road
Straight Ahead

I kept hearing about these guys but never really listened to them. Then I saw them at The Van's Warped Tour and was not overly impressed. Later I heard a song, I really liked the song, like a whole lot. Later I found out it was Pennywise. Then I heard a couple more tracks of theirs. Now here I am a Pennywise fan. Sometimes I'm just behind the curve.

Pennywise also implies someone who manages scrupulously the small details, potentially overlooking or just muddling up the larger issues, as in the phrase Pennywise and pound foolish. (for Americans, that's pound as in money)

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