A stalker in the astral realm.

An astral scary entity, possibly an incarnate entity that the stalkee may know if the physical world. Possibly a disincarnate entity. Possibly a thoughtform lurking around you that you may bump into sometime that repulses you. "Your words floated away, became an animal separate from you in another place.. and now they have a life of their own. What can you do to stop it now?"

Someone who seeks out others in the astral to scare them, manipulate them, get information from them to use against them... etc.

I know this astral stalker in the mundane realm (here and now, the physical/dense world), and he likes to scare people back into their bodies while they are just hanging out in the astral. He knows he does this. He finds joy in making people so scared that they have to wake up/go back to their bodies. I don't know why he does it. but he knows what he is doing. or maybe that's just what he wants people to think... hrrrmmmmmm

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