Astral Dynamics is a book about astral projection and other related phenomena written by Robert Bruce.

The book is based around the NEW (New Energy Ways) system of harnessing spiritual energy. Bruce developed the system as an alternative to visualization for people who had been blind since birth or were not capable of visualization. It relies on “tactile imaging” to stimulate spiritual energy within the body.

Astral Dynamics is broken down into 6 parts:

  1. Elements of Projection
  2. New Energy Ways
  3. Core Skills
  4. Projection Exit and Technique
  5. The Akashic Connection
  6. Strange Astral Phenomena.

Bruce assumes that the reader is a total newbie with regards to astral projection. The book is easy to follow and builds the reader’s knowledge of all things astral from the bottom up.

“Elements of Projection” deals with background information that helps the reader understand the ideas presented in the later chapters. Bruce helps to make the reader accustomed to the abnormal world of astral projection.

“New Energy Ways” deals with the concept and applications of tactile imaging with regards to stimulating spiritual energy. This section alone is worth the book’s $16 price tag. Bruce provides the reader many exercises for developing and strengthening the body’s energy structures and quickly raising energy levels.

“Core Skills” teaches the reader the essential skills of astral projection. A full body total relaxation technique is used to release the body from the stresses that are constantly placed upon it. This allows the reader to move on to task of quieting his/her mind. Bruce teaches advanced meditation techniques which allow the reader to reach a level of mental stillness sufficient enough to achieve the trance state, the ideal state for astral projection.

“Projection Exit and Technique” covers the actual process of inducing astral projection. Many techniques are presented in this section. Anyone can find at least one that works well for him/her.

“The Akashic Connection” deals with the various planes of existence, ranging from the realtime plane (the plane overlapping our own) to various high-level planes. Use of the Akashic Records through astral projection covered in this section. The Silver Cord is also briefly discussed in this section.

“Strange Astral Phenomena” deals with advanced topics such as astral beings and astral self-defense. The self-defense chapter is one of the most interesting chapters in the book. In it, Bruce teaches the reader how to create, maintain, and use astral weaponry. The chapter focuses on the creation and use of swords, but the techniques presented may be used to create a wide variety of objects (not limited to weapons).

This book is must-have for someone who is interested in learning the ins-and-outs of astral projection.

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