Woke up and noded my dream. Got dressed for work that starts at 7:30 and takes me 15 minnutes to get to. I put on some shorts and a shirt and walked out the door. Colder than hell! "Shit I'm already late" I thought. I had to go right then so I grabbed a jacket ond took off. Cold hit my body and prickled my skin. GRR!!

Got to work and the same old same old, nothing new, I studied for a test that I had the following day, which is today. I went home at 9:30 to study some more.

I was upset at my internet and my computer because I was unable to log on to e2. I went through some withdrawal symptoms of not being able to node or read nodes, or worse yet, vote on them! To say the least I almost smashed my computer, but then I thought, what if it works tomorrow. And God Bless you computer, she did.

Took two naps of which rejuvinated me. I left for work at 2:12, traffic was horrid. I finally got near my work and was a bit early. I decided to visit the cemetary I had visited the last time I went to work. It was too cold for me to get off so I drove in with the music off and circled all the graves. So many names, so much death, so much heartache and pain. I felt at peace.