12 September 2000, 10:00AM-10:00AM ADST

Found an annoying problem with timezones, above header is here to correct it.

Today I read a Sherlock Holmes story entitled A Case of Identity, tried playing some Oddworld and getting killed. Which is what some people seem to want to happen to my log.

Margaret has just arrived and has suggested walk to Bondi. I have agreed. It might take my mind off being docked an experience point by that annoying Level 2 or Higher person.

There, that's much better, but I still only have 3 XP.

Before going to dinner, we went over and had a look at the Sydney Harbour National Park and a really spectacular view. I can see why they think it is the best harbour in the world. The harbour bridge had its Olympic Rings on it and everyone was very impressed at the sunset.

After that, we had dinner. I had a Margareta Pizza and a Lemonade, followed by ice cream at the New Zealand Ice Cream place at Bondi. (don't you love hard links?)

Wow. Two votes for my log!

Woke up at 7:00AM. I normally have to wake up this early to get ready to go to school on time anyway I rationalise as I flip the laptop open and dial up.

Woo hoo!!! 5 votes! 5, 5, 5, 5, Stain' Alive.

Ahh... who knows what the , future holds?

Today is the day of the Opening Ceremony Rehersal of the Sydney Olympic Games. My sister is participating in it, so I get a free ticket. I'll keep all you noders informed in what happens in the momentous occasion.

7 Votes! Yeah!