It's been a while since my last day log. 99.9% of you probably don't care, but since simonc asked about it..

Nothing that special has happened, though. Exept last friday, when our firm headed off for an epic Christmas party journey to Tampere. Some carting, a nice dinner in a decent restaurant plus lots of hard liquor.
Yes, I must confess I got drunk for the first time in 13 months. Hard drugs is something I can't stand, but how can one refuse when the company hands you bottles full of them and urges you to drink up? It was all fun, but I'm not in a hurry to go boozing again in an another year or so.
Otherwise everything has been pretty normal. Getting pissed off at the boss, stressing over work and staying up way too late working with music.

Today has been good, though. I showed some of my new design ideas to the boss and he liked them! This is not something which happens every month, let alone every day. Then again, I got a lot of complaints for him yesterday so this must balance out the books.

Ophie's entry made my face turn green of envy. I would pay anything to see some ice here, and don't get me started on the snow. It looks like winter is not going to arrive at all this time 'round.
Sure, Finland's Al Rokers are telling us we'll be getting below-zero temperatures and the good old white stuff here this weekend. But that has been said before with the opposite results. I don't believe it until the first snowflake melts on my tongue but not on the ground.
The tourists flying all the way here from the US and Asia must be even more disappointed than I am. If this keeps up and global warming keeps rolling, the stereotype of Suomi will be a land of eternal rain and darkness. Which isn't nearly as cool as the land with constant snowing plus polar bears & Santa's elves walking on the city streets.

Every cloud has a silver lining. At least I don't have time to get depressed about the crappy weather tomorrow. Yep, it's time for an another Xmas party of epic proportions, this time at Jope's house. I'll give you a detailed report about it later, if I survive and my lawyer says it's Ok to do so. :) Time to get out of the office. I'll be back later to node something besides this day log crap.
Let the downvoting begin!


Well, BIG surprise!
The meteorologists were wrong once again. It is now confirmed that the thermometer won't hit below freezing point in a long while here in the "south". So this basicially means that on christmas eve we'll most likely get a ton of rain, no sign of the sun (which I have seen maybe twice in the last month or two) and pitch black darkness from 14 o'clock.
*sigh* .. I saw it coming.

Tomorrow's christmas party doesn't seem that promising anymore either. Most of the crew are planning to go and get wasted at some bar, and I'd rather spend my friday night at work than in the middle of blind drunk dumbasses trying to score and/or to pick a fight. I don't mind being sober in the party, but you wouldn't catch me dead in a typical ethanol joint. I got bored with those places years ago.
I refuse to consume large amounts of alcohol just because everybody else does.
Who the hell implanted this you-can't-have-any-fun-without-destroying-brain-cells mentality into the Finnish genes? Now there's a part of the stereotype that will remain true as long as there is one Finn left alive..
Looks like it's going to be a normal boring Friday. But I'm used to it.

Oh yeah, Dubya won that thing keeping merkins (at least the 3 of them who cared) on their toes. Good for him. I'm looking forward to seeing something else than the endless election coverage in my newsfeed.