These things happened in the year 2000:

After massive media hype, the Y2K disaster failed to happen. Various officials call for investigation into misappropriation and fraud in the wake of massive "compliance" and preparation spending.


Entertainment: Business/Technology:
  • AOL proposes a merger with Time-Warner, the largest merger in American history.
  • EMI and Time-Warner announce a merger to create the world's largest music company.
  • Bill Gates resigns as CEO of Microsoft amid antitrust proceedings. Judge Patel later orders the breakup of the company.
  • Denial of service attacks cripple large internet sites including Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo. Later, 15-year-old Canadian "Mafiaboy" is arrested for them.
  • Japanese scientists announce the successful birth of Xena, the first cloned pig.
  • Lawsuits are launched against controversial the music-sharing network Napster, with plaintiffs including the members of the RIAA. An injunction to shut it down is quickly stayed while the lawsuit drags on.
  • 6.5 million defective Firestone SUV tires are recalled, prone to blowing out at high speeds and causing deadly accidents
  • Astronomers locate many more extrasolar planets
Disasters: Died: