Basically, a commercial venture that makes boat loads of money by charging an arm and a leg for the privilege of playing laser tag.

If you have the money, it can be quite fun to go and blast the hell out of your closest friends. Unfortunately, middle school-aged teenie boppers have also taken a liking to it, seriously hampering much of this fun.

From the web site (

  • Laser Quest is live action laser tag at its best! The most immersive laser-zapping adventure game is taking North America by storm.
  • The game is tag, hide and seek, cops and robbers, capture the flag and Buck Rogers all rolled into one, enhanced with modern technology.
  • To play the game, participants don the most sophisticated laser tag equipment available. The game is played in a huge, specially-designed, multi-level maze featuring ramps, catwalks, specialty lighting, swirling fog, and heart-pounding music and sound effects.
  • Individual codenames are registered and used throughout the game. Questors, whether individually or on teams, use their lasers to score as many points as possible by zapping the targets on their opponents' equipment. Upon completion of the game, each player receives a computerized print-out of their score. Usually 27 to 38 players play at one time.
  • The first Laser Quest centre opened in 1989 in Manchester, England and there are now more than 140 centres worldwide. The first North American centre opened in 1993 and there are now over fifty seven centres in operation (as of Jan. 1st 2000).
  • Over fifteen million North Americans have taken part and thrilled to the Laser Quest experience (as of Nov.1st 1998).

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