2000, by Trimark Pictures. Direct to video.
Directed by Doug Spera, written by Rob Hall.
Starring Warwick Davis (Leprechaun), Ice-T (Mack Daddy), A.T. Montgomery (Postmaster P), Rashaan Nall (Stray Bullet), Red Grant (Butch).

Holy crap. This must be...if not the best, one of the best bad movies to come out in years. At least the best one since Showgirls, maybe even the best since Ishtar.

Sometime during the 70's, Leprechaun's treasure is discovered by Mack Daddy and his homie, in an abandoned crack house no less. But Mack doesn't want the gold...all he's after is the flute. His homie makes the mistake of taking the Leprechaun's necklace off, which wakes the leprechaun...and the unnamed homie ends up with an afro pick in his throat. So after a duel which involves Mack Daddy pulling a knife, a gun, and a baseball bat out of his afro, he manages to get the necklace back on the Leprechaun.

Fast forward some twenty years later to 1993, and there's a group of bad rappers (comprised of Butch, Stray Bullet, and Postmaster P) searching for success writing positive, uplifiting raps. On their path to get to a competition in Vegas (of course it's vegas, everyone goes to Vegas in the 90's), they try to hustle local pawn dealers for money with guitars with fake hendrix signatures, and try to get auditions just to have their equipment break on them. They arrange a meeting with Mack Daddy (who's now a gangsta rap record label owner) to try to convince him to sign them, where he tells him to drop the positive raps, cause his label is all about rhyming about "smacking your bitch up" and "shooting your homie in the face". So they get kicked out of his office.

They come upon the brilliant idea to rob his house to get the money they need. So in the process of getting the gold, they steal the flute, and wake up the Leprechaun as well. Mack catches them and gets shot. So the boys escape, but Leprechaun finds Mack and heals him(!), and as a sign of thanks Mack smokes a blunt with the Leprechaun(!!). Lep decides to burn his hand with the blunt and tell him he's gotta help get his flute back, or else.

Okay, cliff's notes time, since the movie drags from here 'til the five minutes before the end.

The bad rappers sell the gold. Post plays the flute. People act weird. A chinese pawn shop owner dances badly. They find out Mack Daddy's still alive. They're trying to hide. Leprechaun starts a killing spree. The bad rappers hide at a drag queen's house. They put on a performance that pisses people off. Post plays the flute. Everybody loves them all of the sudden. Leprechaun gets a little crazy with their drag queen friend. The bad rappers panic and run to a church. They can stay if they're musical entertainment. They try to sing. Everybody boos them (in church!) Post plays the flute. Coolio comes in for no damn reason. Everybody loves a Jesus Loves Me rap that should have offended them.

Post figures out the power of the flute, and decides he needs to give it back to the Leprechaun. About this time Mack catches up with the bad rappers. So does the Leprechaun, who temporarily disposes of Mack en route to getting to his flute. So the bad rappers and the pastor and his wife hatch a plan to trap the leprechaun, and they lure him into a safe and lock it. The other two bad rappers get post to change his mind about giving the flute back and they head towards Vegas. Leprechaun summons his Zombie Fly-Girls to free him. Mack catches up again, and is about to get the flute back. When in waltzes in the Leprechaun. When Post won't give back the flute, Lep kills Butch.

So Post and Stray go after Leprechaun one last time, this time in drag. They go to his abandoned club, where his zombie fly-girls are staying with him. They end up smoking the leprechaun out with a blunt containing four leaf clovers, which according to the Leprechauns for Dummies book, is supposed to stun him. So the bad rappers have the flute again, but get caught once again by Mack Daddy. Stray Bullet gets shot, Mack Daddy gets killed by the Leprechaun, and Post and Lep are left replaying the opening battle between Mack and Lep, except in a different setting. And well...a different ending too.

Like I said, insanity, evil to the max, and one of the best bad films in years.

And now the lyrics to the ending theme...

I come from the land of the Irish spring
Dublin's the place where I learned my thing
From the Emerald Isle to your place in the hood
I'm the man of green come to do no good
Lep in the Hood, come to do no good
Lep in the Hood, come to do no good

Plenteous dope, this place is hype
There's a lassie, she's just my type
I hate to resort so soon to magic
Haven't been laid in so long it's tragic

I'm so bad, I'm good

I'll show you what to do, so lend an ear
Don't worry, little lassie, you've got nothing to fear
Sit with the lad who's lean and green
And let me show you why I'm a love machine

Come to do no good

I'm a wee green guy who's new to town
Show me what you do when you get down
I'll go up, you go down
We'll cause a scene, you'll love the green

Lep and Zombie Girls together:
Lep in the Hood, come to do no good
Lep in the Hood, when we're bad, we're good

From the cliffs of Mawr to your front door
Better turn out the lights and pray some more
We're gonna party through the night until the dawn
Then you and I are gonna get it on

Lep and Zombie Girls together:
Lep in the Hood, come to do no good
Lep in the Hood, come to do no good

Zombie Girls:
Lep in the Hood, come to do no good
Lep in the Hood...

Come to do no good.

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