Staci Keanan is a movie and television actress. She is best known for her roles on "My Two Dads" and "Step By Step" (those two roles were almost interchangable, I couldn't tell the difference between Staci as "Nicole" on My Two Dads or Staci as "Dana" on Step By Step).

I really have no idea why Staci never became a big star, as she really seemed to have something. She (or at least the almost interchangable characters she played) were pretty, innocent, slightly mischevious, and had an undefinable realism to them (probably just because she was merely playing herself, but it worked for her).

Staci's real name is Anastasia Sagorsky, but her parents didn't want to use that name for her professionally. At first she was "Staci Love", but her parents decided on "Staci Keanan" before she went to work on My Two Dads. She was born on June 6, 1975 in Devon, Pennsylvania. Her parents pushed her into show business at an early age (which is a nearly universal thing with child stars). She was doing modeling work before she even started kindergarden. By the time she was eight her parents had moved to New York to help further Staci's "career". Little Staci actually wanted to be a waitress and not an actress, but her parents wishes prevailed, and she began doing work in commercials, and appearing in local theater.

In addition to acting, Staci was a bit of a closet geek. She still managed to get excellent grades in school and even won several academic awards while she still attended regular school. Her first real television role came when she was 12 years old, it was only a minor part in a (now forgotten) mini series called "I'll Take Manhattan". That role got her noticed though, and soon she found herself in the starring role of a brand new sitcom called "My Two Dads"

My Two Dads ran for several years, but was of course cancelled (the premise was too weird to really make it in the long run anyway). Staci's next move was into the world of film, and she got the starring role in a semi-decent horror film call "Lisa" (she played "Lisa", and the premise was that her and her friend prank called someone who happened to be a serial killer). Unfortunately "Lisa" was far from the greatest film in the world, and the movie offers did not exactly come rolling in.

Staci next went to work on another sitcom called "Going Places", but "Going Places" didn't go anywhere, and was cancelled after a single season. Next on the agenda was a bad TV movie (Casey's Gift: For Love of a Child).

But Staci's luck soon changed. In 1991 (at the age of 16), she landed a role on another sitcom called Step By Step. This was to be her most long running role, and actually her last role as well (She did do several bit roles in films while Step By Step was still on the air, but she hasn't done a thing since then). Step By Step was a family comedy that seemed like an update to The Brady Bunch (man with three kids marries woman with three kids), but without all the 1970s cliches (they used 1990s cliches instead). Believe it or not Step By Step stayed on the air until 1998 (not bad considering the fact that it starred both Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers).

After Step by Step was cancelled Staci decided to go to college. She (as of this writing at least), is attending UCLA and is majoring in Art History. She has not announced any intentions for ever returning to television or film.


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