"The Final Countdown" was also a reasonably good (if somewhat implausible) movie whose plot revolved around the USS Nimitz nuclear-powered aircraft carrier being sucked into a "time storm" off of Hawaii and emerging on December 6, 1941, one day before the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor. Eventually figuring out what has happened, the crew of the ship realises that it is their mission to protect the United States in the "past, present, and future" and therefore decide to prevent the Japanese strike that they know will be occuring the next day.

Aside from a reasonably interesting plot, the film is notable for its arial footage. The scene where two F-14's take on the two Japanese Zeroes is incredible - apparently one of the F-14's nearly crashed while this bit was being filmed and his emergency pullout maneuver is included in the film - really much better than anything featured in Top Gun years later. The film also features rather rare footage of a jet landing into the arresting baricade. Such footage is very rare since this manuever is never, ever practised as it can kill the pilot - however the film crew happened to be aboard the carrier when one of the planes had an emergency and did have to perform this maneuver.

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