In the summer of 2001...

Me and three friends of mine had just ridden our bicycles for over 200 kilometers to spend a couple of weeks in the nice little Finnish town of Joutsa. One time, somewhere around midnight, after a couple of days of rest and good meals, when our legs and butts no longer ached so much, we were all leaning against the railing of a small bridge that passed over the lake. Nights were quiet there. No traffic bothered us as we chatted away with all the weird shit our minds came up with. And I, who like to sing, could hear my beautiful voice echoing back from across the lake.

Me and my friends, we're from Helsinki, which at the time was one of the few cities, if not the only one in Finland, where one could watch Late Night with Conan O'Brien on TV and see and hear the Year 2000 skit. So there I stood, facing towards the lake, and stupid or not, let out my falsetto:

In the year two thousaaaaaaaaaaaand!

And a moment after, i could hear the echo:

In the year two thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!

Wait! That's no echo! Echoes don't raise the pitch of a voice like that!

What the lake had given me in return instead was "the second part of the conan-o'brien-year-2000-skit-song-thingy", sung by whoever else happened to be awake. Which was odd, considering our location: standing on a bridge over a small lake in Joutsa, Finland. In the middle of nowhere.

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