The (Don't display in "New Writeups") functionality is OK, so far as it goes, but I think E2 needs something stronger as well, which I will call Hidden writeups. By Hidden I mean something close to "doesn't really exist yet".

When I create a "Hidden" node, it

  • does NOT count toward my writeup total
  • does NOT give me an XP
  • can NOT be voted upon
  • can NOT be Ching!ed
  • can only be killed WITHOUT an XP penalty
  • when killed, it just goes away. No messages from Klaproth. No hanging around in Node Heaven.
but it CAN be viewed, linked from and to, and edited.

For any Hidden writeup I have created, I can at some point Reveal it, making it like any other writeup, making it appear in New Writeups and probably erasing all evidence that it had ever been Hidden.

Writeup Seeds

The primary goal of this feature is to be allow writeup seeds, which are less tham an actual writeup, but more than one can accomplish with just a nodeshell and softlinks.

Examples of writeup seeds might be

  • this is an album by Bare Naked Ladies
  • this is a unit of currency in Lower Slabovia
  • this guy lived in 2500 BC and was the first to suggest a heliocentric universe.
I think these would be dreadfully helpful in an otherwise empty nodeshell, and would be quickly deleted when a real writeup appears.

Simplified Administration

Whenever I make an E2 Nuke Request or an Edit These E2 Titles request, I gain and lose an XP, I end up with messages from Klaproth, crap in my corner of Node Heaven, and my writeup count goes up and down. With a Hidden writeup, none of this would happen.
Comments and questions eagerly awaited.