Some students in MIT's 6.001 did a Scheme spellbook one year as a hack. It was hand-written in Postscript. The front and back had a recursive picture with a shield, a lambda, and the text `(Y F) = (F (Y F))' (the defining property of fixed-point combinators, of which the Y combinator is the most well-known). The text of the spellbook is:

Cause Light Wounds
I call upon chaos to cause unbalanced parentheses.

I summon the darkness of night to hide all free machines.

Cause Wounds
I call upon the forces of chaos to crash your server.

Call Undead
I call all environment pointers to this very spot.

I call upon chaos to make your debugger lie.

Cause Serious Wounds
I call upon the powers of chaos to cause recursive bugs.

Control Undead
By death's dark mantle and the powers of chaos, I control environment pointers to do my bid.

By the powers of chaos, I unbind all variables.

I call upon chaos, decay, and rot to panic your process.

Cause Critical Wounds
I call upon chaos itself to cause fatal errors.

Create Undead
By the powers of chaos, I create environment pointers.

I call upon the powers of darkness to wither your abstractions.

I curse your code to forever underflow the stack.

I call upon chaos to obfuscate your abstractions.

By the powers of darkness, I command you to waste your time optimizing useless abstractions.

By the powers of chaos, I quest you on this problem set.

I grant you the gift of repeating 6.001.

The copyright notice is as follows:

%Copyright 1992 Dave Cho  All Rights Reserved
%Permission is given to freely distribute and modify this product so long
%as it is done without charge and so long as this Copyright text remains in
%Certain designs inherent may be copyrighted elsewhere.
%Dave Cho 1992

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