July 2001

July 1, 2001 (7 msgs)
    Topics: E2 Scratch Pad issues, upper ASCII characters

July 2, 2001(3 msgs)
    Topics: Epicenter / Vitals nodelet reorganization, Everything Daily Report bugs

July 3, 2001(9 msgs)
    Topics: Findings: superdoc suggestions, Everything Daily Report Bugs followup, chatterbox lag reduction suggestions

July 4, 2001(13 msgs)
    Topics: large Personal nodelet discussion, changes to New Writeups?

July 5, 2001(9 msgs)
    Topics: more Personal nodelet discussion, non-votable writeups for CE's

July 6, 2001(15 msgs)
    Topics: expandable Developer Nodelet / ednsection, Change Room confusion, CME now notifies on ed-cool.

July 7, 2001(2 msgs)
    Topics: more ednsection, costs question

July 8, 2001(5 msgs)
    Topics: ednsection, accidental edevificiation, edev: Hidden writeups, klaproth nuked nodes, Everything User Directory

July 9, 2001(11 msgs)
    Topics: Message Inbox JavaScript broken, golden trinkets, chatterbox replier

July 10, 2001(1 msg)
    Topics: Reply in chatterbox bug.

July 11, 2001(12 msgs)
    Topics: Java Chatterbox false alarm, linking the server time to the daylogs, daylog, no softlink searches.

July 12, 2001(24 msgs)
    Topics: Chatterbox topic suggestion, XML character escaping, edev: nodeletsection, multiple homenode pics suggestion(s)

July 13, 2001(8 msgs)
    Topics: C! / vote inconsistancy bug, non-softlinking search, showmessages, node fields

July 14, 2001(5 msgs)
    Topics: Search escaping, browser search toolbars, killing weirdness

July 15, 2001(3 msgs)
    Topics: Request for comments on edev: Minor Heaven Restructure

July 16, 2001(25 msgs)
    Topics: Mapping the nodegel, edev: Webster vote enforcement, displaytype=xml Server Error!s, not getting XP from C!s, ed cools, suggestion to make vote / C! public, linkNodeTitle(), linkNode(),

July 17, 2001(7 msgs)
    Topics: Node Crypt placement for editors, Approved HTML tags vs. the HTML tag superdoc, and profiling data question

July 18, 2001(65 msgs)
    Topics: Self-deletion solution proposal, huge E2 copyright discussion, golden trinkets, XML tickers, Vote cast dicussion.

July 20, 2001 (29 msgs)
    Topics: musicnode type, search weirdness, Logging in with PHP, Setting E2 Server time to the atomic clock, Better name for "lists" in Vitals?, +/- buttons, Default Dont Display in new writeups momentarily broken.

July 21, 2001 (18 msgs)
    Topics: Collapsable vitals, Extern in homenodes, External homenode pics?

July 22, 2001 (14 msgs)
    Topics: more external homenode images, Personal Nodelet

July 23, 2001 (24 msgs)
    Topics: Time stamps in Message Inbox, Viewing code on user settings, Possible solutions to the daylog "problem", E2 robots.txt script

July 24, 2001 (38 msgs)
    Topics: Cool Archive and printable version, General printable suggestions, Banners, ekw theme, WNF in the stats module

July 25, 2001 (9 msgs)
    Topics: WNF calculation

July 26, 2001 (17 msgs)
    Topics: Webster and Jan 10th, 2000, CHatterbox XML ticker problems, Extra characters in messages, Printable on homenode troubles, Sorting Message Inbox

July 27, 2001 (3 msgs)
    Topics: dbtable type, XML group attribute in messages

July 28, 2001 (5 msgs)
    Topics: new nodelets, textbox insertion code

July 29, 2001 (57 msgs)
    Topics: User search and cast, copyright and Node Heaven, being able to delete out of Node Heaven

July 30, 2001 (44 msgs)
    Topics: author_user and loc_location, New multi-C! balance issues, Cool User Picks, Cream of the Cool policies, XML user search format

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