I know Mondays are supposed to be teh suck, but this is a bit much.

By 11:00 AM I have already managed to do the following:

  • Sleep in due to malfunctioning alarm clock
  • Miss two trains in a row, thus missing all morning classes
  • Arrive home 50 miles and 90 minutes later to find I'd left my keys behind
  • Climb in through bathroom window, wetting socks
  • Send frantic text message to landlord, as I can't get into my room
  • Read mail: two nasty letters from the bank saying I won't be doing any Christmas shopping, or indeed eating, and one bill for three thousand pounds, payable immediately
  • Receive text message from landlord, landlord can't come around until 4 pm
  • Find keys in backpack after all, send apologetic text message to landlord, using up last of credit

If I were a depressive sort of person, I'd be pretty fucking depressed right now. And the day's not even half over.

Good thing there's such a thing as tea.

What happened interesting today?  To me?  I woke up pissed off.

It was nice that I woke up, (considering it's been a few days since I slept), but that the fading wisps of dream were remnants of unknown visuals that I could only associate with a single thought: I specifically dont like a certain E2God.

 And I even remember her name from about a year ago.

I took time to sit on the edge of bed this afternoon to reflect the cause of my anger and why...really...just why the hell was this in my dreams.  You see, until earlier today, I had not posted in about a year.  It was a post I was meaning to do a few nights ago but ended up going out and partying until 0500 at Isla in D'Mall.  A few hours after getting back...the topic of my node decides to stand up and take a bow.

Almost 2 days - dehydrating and lack of sleep.

And tonight I finally woke up with body ache.  Which is nice, it means that I finally got some serious sleep.

And I have been going thru this persons logs and comments and writeup and the corn in her shit and jeeze!!!...get the fuck outta my head!

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