JB says:Fixed.

Ok, there's a bug in the edit writeup text area between the way the way the stuff in
is created for the editor on an e2 node and the editor in a writeup node.

I'm looking at my node I'll give up printf() when you pry my cold dead fingers from it - its one that I know I've got some &lt; in.

The text area looks like:

#include <iostream.h>
main() { cout << "Hello World\n"; }

With in I'll give up printf() when you pry my cold dead fingers from it (idea) - the same segment of text appears to be:

#include &lt;iostream.h&gt;
main() { cout &lt;&lt; "Hello World\n"; }

In essence, there's the bug right there - the two places are displaying the same text diffrently (which confuses people - like Xamot).

So, which one is 'right'?

The writeup editor is the correct one. For Netscape and Opera (and IE - see writeup entities bug is the "official" thing on this -- N-Wing), the rendering is the same (and I assume the sending is the same (Opera on linux has some other bugs that gives me headaches when sending formated stuff).

When looking at the actual page source for the writeup...

<TEXTAREA NAME="writeup_doctext" ROWS=20 COLS=60 wrap=virtual>
ets see...&lt;br&gt;
[hello world] test:
#include &amp;lt;stdio.h&amp;gt;
main() { printf(&quot;hello world\n&quot;); }
#include &amp;lt;iostream.h&amp;gt;
main() { cout &amp;lt;&amp;lt; &quot;Hello World\n&quot;; }

This is actualy noticable in all cases - compare the source generated by the e2 node vs the writeup for any writeup you own that has html tags in it.

Netscape sends back to the server with is rendered, not is actually in the textarea itself.

In theory, it should be a simple matter of changing the textarea code for the e2node to match that of the writeup.

I have been informed by Xamot and Wunderhorn1 that this bug also extends to the E2 Scratch Pad and is also reported in E2 Bugs by Evilrooster.

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