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The first root log explains why the root logs exist. Note: things listed in this writeup are only changes that I, N-Wing have made; changes others have made I don't list here, since they are fully capable of creating their own writeups. (Well, at least, I hope so... of course, you lose your English ability after staring at a scary mix of HTML and Perl for a while.)


  • let admins use \n in public chatterbox to start a new line (showmessage (htmlcode))


  • added more checks and hints to writeuphints (htmlcode); currently, all hints are forced on for all editors, to test it out; check categories added: HTML and silly; HTML checks added:
    • no HTML tags used at all
    • <HTML> <tags> in [links]
    • suggests alternatives for <b> <i> <tt>
    • using & < > [ ] by themselves instead of using the character entities
    • unclosed entities (character entities that are missing the closing semicolon)
    • no closing paragraph tags
    you'll have to figure out the silly checks for yourself :)


  • more work on writeuphints (htmlcode) : slightly optimized it, some improved messages, now checks for non-closed links



  • as per CentrX's suggestion, made writeuphints (htmlcode) not show writeup hints for maintenance things (nuke requests, title edits, etc.)
  • experimental - in displaywriteuptext (htmlcode), e2node displayfull page (htmlpage), displaywriteup (htmlcode) - slightly changed the spacing before and after each writeup - as Apatrix noticed, properly closed paragraphs cause extra space. Hopefully, things should be consistant now.

10 (darn, broke the pattern)

  • changed massacre (opcode) to make Klaproth say: "I ate your writeup writeup_name. [reason ]Node Heaven will become its new residence." (WU name sentence will always end with a period, and if a reason is given, there will be a space before and after it)
  • changed displaydebatecomment (htmlcode) to work with any group restriction


  • Node Heaven (superdoc) - (admins only) fixed problem when trying to sort others, (all) made current sorting method display in [ square brackets ] in title


  • displayUserInfo (htmlcode) - changed area to message user to not need the /msg in front (so it works like the writeup header message area now)


  • minor changes to htmlcodes changewucount and nwuamount
  • minor change to addwriteup (htmlcode) so users who already have a writeup in a locked e2node can edit their writeup without having to follow the (thing)/etc. link


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next year: December 2002

Whoa partner, yer goin' too fast - Giddeyup!

I: Went to Boston, talked to The Custodian about possibly having a test server.

II: Fixed usercheck so that names like sf => "Snicker Furfoot" will actually display properly on the e2node. Thanks to Gritchka for pointing it out. Known bug: It will not work on hybrid names, ones with " " and _ in them. Oh well. No such names exist now I think. This is because s/ /_/g; (our message name encoding) is lossy. Oh well, eh? VII: Fixed up firmlinks and softlink for better performance. That should help server lag a little. Maybe. There have been intermittant EDR reports. Unfortunately I don't know what causes them to not go to all users. My deepest apologies. Also patched A glimpse ahead with conform's algorithm. However, it remains fraught with issues. VIII: We have taken firmlinks offline in an effort to clean up a lot of the lag. What we are going to do is remove this additional table lookup. The links table, while in theory a great thing to use, has over 4 million entries, and is thus not really suitable for our purposes. For this reason, I am leaning towards making firmlinks their own table. This will be experimented with and we'll see what we can come up with tonight.

IX: Lag in firmlinks was basically eliminated through the use of yet another index on the table, one from linktype to "to_node". This allows lightning fast lookups of those types of links and bookmarks.

X: Fixed a bug that would cause A Glimpse ahead to hang. Please don't ask me exactly where the bug was.. after a little code tidying, it seemed to work. I don't ask questions

XII: Added a new feature to the ever growing hell that is Message Inbox by allowing message inbox to collate your messages into categories for you. You can enable this in your user settings. It sorts the messages that you have by the group that they are in, and lets you know how many of each. Turning this on by default only shows the messages that are directly to you. To see what you get from a group, then click on the appropriate group. This feature was suggested by Chihuahua Grub, bless his soul. My message inbox (of ~2500 messages) and nate's of probably a comparable size used to make it time out on the server. This will still be in beta while I make sure it doesn't eat messages or blow stuff up for people. Also, after some touch-ups, the new level system algorithm goes gold. We are now ready for phase two:

XIII: Completely rewrote new writeups. New writeups now feeds off of a data dump stream supplies every 250 seconds by New Writeups Feeder. It is now customizable, and will work better for making general changes to it. Basically we nest in the node references, toss them in an array (with Data::Dumper), then regenerate them on our first available chance. It should work the same way. Also, I have deprecated New Writeups Monitor, the previous administration tool that incorporated the features new writeups now has. There are several fundamental tradeoffs with the new system, mostly that page to execute will be mildly longer for admins, but since that's only 30 people at most, that's a finite amount. and shouldn't be causing much lag. If there are problems in the future, we can roll back our changes to this by changing New Writeups to point to newwriteups instead of newwriteups2, and set the itesm to be a timed nodelet. That will repeal all of the changes. Initial reports look good on it's functionality.

Also, thanks to WickerNipple's suggestion, we now highlight the admin components on the new writeups bar to help out the admins. Also, when you hide a writeup with the (h!), it will show up as (h?)(...) to show that it will be hidden on the next refresh of the monitor. Since we are doing realtime actions to a non-realtime display, it will be shown as changing.

XVI: Put the inbox filtering into play full time:

Stabilized the new writeups mess. Had to create another new writeups container and special case it in for not CE or Admin. Also New Writeups Monitor is no more.

Changed the EDC section in the developer nodelet to display the message that EDC stuff isn't available right now.

Cleaned up a pile of internal server errors/warnings with the debate nodetype. Turns out that there were duplicating table types in the debatecomment table, as the node inheritance touched the debatecomment table twice. This caused us to toss warnings every time we went down the debate tree. Hopefully, this will help us pick up some speed in that feature (as we don't have to toss that warning).

Music node also suffered the multiple inheritance problem. Although rare, it still occured for this type.

Same with node_forward. These errors account for approximately half of our current clip in the error log. This should be a huge cleanup.

XVIII: Cleaned up some of my old commented code in Everything User Search If you talk on the Page of Cool it gives you a link to refresh it after you chat on it (bad!), so you don't have to actually look at it if you're just talking. It's an expensive page to load, and we can shave a few cycles doing that. Added chatterinfo calls to the user display pages so that you can see what you sent someone if you have that link on their homenide. Per request of panamaus Fixed up a few bugs in User Search XML Ticker where if there was a bracket in the title, things weren't getting escaped correctly. XXIX: Been busy with ecore stuff lately. Added more anti-troll mechanisms

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