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The first root log explains why the root logs exist. Note: things listed in this writeup are only changes that I, N-Wing have made; changes others have made I don't list here, since they are fully capable of creating their own writeups. (Well, at least, I hope so... of course, you lose your English ability after staring at a scary mix of HTML and Perl for a while.)


  • let admins use \n in public chatterbox to start a new line (showmessage (htmlcode))


  • added more checks and hints to writeuphints (htmlcode); currently, all hints are forced on for all editors, to test it out; check categories added: HTML and silly; HTML checks added:
    • no HTML tags used at all
    • <HTML> <tags> in [links]
    • suggests alternatives for <b> <i> <tt>
    • using & < > [ ] by themselves instead of using the character entities
    • unclosed entities (character entities that are missing the closing semicolon)
    • no closing paragraph tags
    you'll have to figure out the silly checks for yourself :)


  • more work on writeuphints (htmlcode) : slightly optimized it, some improved messages, now checks for non-closed links



  • as per CentrX's suggestion, made writeuphints (htmlcode) not show writeup hints for maintenance things (nuke requests, title edits, etc.)
  • experimental - in displaywriteuptext (htmlcode), e2node displayfull page (htmlpage), displaywriteup (htmlcode) - slightly changed the spacing before and after each writeup - as Apatrix noticed, properly closed paragraphs cause extra space. Hopefully, things should be consistant now.

10 (darn, broke the pattern)

  • changed massacre (opcode) to make Klaproth say: "I ate your writeup writeup_name. [reason ]Node Heaven will become its new residence." (WU name sentence will always end with a period, and if a reason is given, there will be a space before and after it)
  • changed displaydebatecomment (htmlcode) to work with any group restriction


  • Node Heaven (superdoc) - (admins only) fixed problem when trying to sort others, (all) made current sorting method display in [ square brackets ] in title


  • displayUserInfo (htmlcode) - changed area to message user to not need the /msg in front (so it works like the writeup header message area now)


  • minor changes to htmlcodes changewucount and nwuamount
  • minor change to addwriteup (htmlcode) so users who already have a writeup in a locked e2node can edit their writeup without having to follow the (thing)/etc. link


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