It's root log time again folks. Yet another month of fun and exciting bugs and features. Last month's root log and next month's root log might also be what you're looking for.

November 1, 2001

Fixed a whoops from Toasterleavings that involved manually reinserting stuff into the db. Mental note. It works, now translate that into a fix for node ressurection. Fixed lometa's bug that looked something like being cloaked then suddenly losing the power (due to level loss, removal from cloakers, etc). This is such a minor case, and the fix would be across the board and in weird places. If people can think of a place to do this, then let me know. Otherwise, we are taking a "Won't Fix" on this one.

November 13, 2001

I'm back! My net connection went down, but it's fixed and I can keep working. Alas I am sick, but code shall prove to be my remedy

Fixed some general wonkiness in some of the containers with the post-move ad scheme. Nate only fixed jukka; classic needed to be fixed (ekw and default) do not support banners yet. To facilitate this process, I put the code into adheader.

Added tools for panamaus, and any overly bored admin, to change what automaus says during the nightly backup. It is locked out for non approved people. I slightly rearranged some of the backup script times, so hopefully they will all fire when they are supposed to.

November 20, 2001

Fixed up Everything's Best Killers. Cleaned up the code a TON. Duh. Wow have I learned a lot. Sorted it by kill number and put it in a table. As always, it's still c_e's and gods only. oh well, eh? Also, exeds was a nodeletgroup instead of a nodegroup, which was causing the lookup to fail. Made a sketchy type change, and it seems to be working now. Created a new mechanism by which to lock accounts. This changes the nodetype of the user to that of lockeduser, which keeps them from loggin in I hope it works. Preliminary tests say yes.

November 23, 2001

Pulled the lockeduser code in favor of editing the user table directly. Thanks to nate for slap upside the head.
Changed e2nodes so that if the user is really a chatterbox alias, it will say so. Check out jb for a good example.

November 29, 2001

Released Noding Speedometer. It just clocks how fast you may Node in the future. You must be Level 2 to access it. Not really a level power, but can't have every level 1 person off the street using it as it is somewhat expensive.

Also, new level system algorithm checker now available for gods and beta team only.

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The first root log explains why the root logs exist. Note: things listed in this writeup are only changes that I, N-Wing have made; changes others have made I don't list here, since they are fully capable of creating their own writeups. (Well, at least, I hope so... of course, you lose your English ability after staring at a scary mix of HTML and Perl for a while.)


  • fixed warnlog (dbtable) so it auto increments (oops), and finished logWarning (htmlcode) - this is so a "Server Warning!" can be thrown (and logged) instead of a "Server Error!" for less important problems - the numbering is also sequential, so the number actually means something



  • improved Message Inbox: separate areas for filtering from user and/or for a usergroup; user and/or usergroup can be "inverse" filtered; can show only archived or non-archived messages




  • Have you ever seen a random writeup that has fractional and/or negative votes? That happened when somebody voted, and the vote log was updated, but the writeup's reputation wasn't. However, voteit (htmlcode) now checks to ensure things are stored correctly, and fixes the problem if they don't match.


  • disabled the auto-reputation fixing for now, since undeleted writeups weren't keeping their correct rep (the vote table goes by node_id, which was different after an undelete)


  • updated message (opcode) so when a non-group member sends a message to that group, the sender will get a copy, too (this can pretty much only happen when an admin messages another group)
  • fixed extremely minor bugs in message (opcode): one that prevents a user from typing a string that Perl evaluates as zero, and one that allows a user to accidently "say" only spaces
  • again, in message (opcode): added group archiving - if the usergroup's name exists in allow message archive (setting), any message sent to the group will also be sent to the group itself
  • updated usergroup display page (htmlpage) to show the number of users in the usergroup





  • usergroup message archive (superdoc) - now can copy group messages to yourself, with the copied message being sent at the original time, or the current time

22 (Thanksgiving)

  • Create a New User (superdoc): now checks to make sure user name doesn't clash with a usergroup looks similiar; added 'debug' checkbox logged in admins can use, which when checked, will tell them if the attempted test user passed the tests, but doesn't actually create the user


  • made newsify (htmlcode) also link to the node that is getting "weblogged"
  • made Epicenter (nodelet) not have blank lines for things that can't be *ified


  • as partially mentioned in my blab! writeup, added Writeup Settings command "sendmsg" which calls functions sendMessage in displayWriteupInfo (htmlcode), which gives a little area in writeup headers to send a message to the WU's author (and as a minor UI change, made vote! button to say blab! when no writeups can be voted on)


  • made blab! button not display if user isn't level 3



  • added pref to user settings to hide creator of e2nodes; changed createdby (htmlcode) to show 'anonymous', but link to creator, if this pref is enabled

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