Root Log for the Year 2002

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Boring Intro
Dream logs, day logs, editor logs, where does it all end? Root logs, of course. (Or would one say it starts there? Hmmmm.) Of course, once there are a zillion * logs, we just need to have an index of sorts, right? (Well, not really, but that was such a good intro, I couldn't stand parting with it.) I actually created this because I had several entries that could go in the montly root logs, but not enough for me to justify a separate writeup for them. So, I am putting the shorter monthes in here, along with links to each month where there is any root log.

Boring Programmer List

Boring Monthly List

  1. root log: January 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  2. root log: February 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  3. root log: March 2002 - JayBonci (in node), wharfinger (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  4. root log: April 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  5. root log: May 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  6. root log: June 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  7. root log: July 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  8. root log: August 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  9. root log: September 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (in node)
  10. root log: October 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (below)
  11. root log: November 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (below)
  12. root log: December 2002 - JayBonci (in node), N-Wing (below)

Boring List of Things I Did This Year (That Are Not Listed In Other Root Logs)

October 19, 2002

October 20, 2002

  • implemented pasky's patch of List Nodes of Type (superdoc), which fixed some generated HTML (removed an extra quote)

October 21, 2002

  • fixed sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) - now it properly will find a user with spaces and underscores in their name
  • modified message (opcode) to use sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode) (should their be any problems, /oldmsg uses the old code)
  • the /msg command now can be in the form: " /msg{User0 User1 User2 etc UserN} Message goes here " to send to multiple users at once. The ? "online-only indicator" may go before the opening brace or after the closing brace. Note that there are no spaces before the opening brace, but at least 1 after the closing brace (and before the message).

November 2, 2002

  • (UI) As Bitriot pointed out, it looked possible to /msg the e2gods usergroup by visiting the Content Editors usergroup page, and using the message field to /msg the group leader (which was e2gods). When the message was sent, though, the private-message sending routine would (correctly) see the user wasn't in the group, and reject the message. A check added to usergroup display page (htmlpage) hides the message field when the usergroup leader is itself a usergroup.
  • (UI) While there, message send to the usergroup leader now say they're from that node ("re[blah]:"). (The original purpose of /msg-ing the group leader was so non-group members could easily ask to join the group. Having the "re" there tells the recipient which group to add them to.)

November 3, 2002

November 9, 2002

  • updated sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode), mainly so blocked-by for online-only messages are correct now

November 14, 2002

  • told me that using /msg in the chatterbox no longer gives an error message about an invalid username. I replied to just learn to type correctly. (Yeah, I also updated sendPrivateMessage (htmlcode), so lay off, ok?) (That htmlcode dealt with the blab area on homenodes, writeup headers, and the like, which was always given a valid recipient node_id. When /msg was converted to using the htmlcode instead of sending the message in message (opcode), somebody forgot to update the htmlcode to give out warnings on bad names.)

November 26, 2002

  • Updated timesince (htmlcode) to take an optional third parameter, which can be used to increase (or decrease) the resolution; for example, 10 makes it 10 times more accurate, and 0.1 reduces the time slices to tens. If 1 is used, that is the old way; I made 10 the default, though, so things show a bit more information now.

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