Now that silliness is over with...

December 1st, 2002: Voting Oracle was created with basic stats about how you vote. Nothing overly private, simply how much you vote, and what your global voting percentage is.

December 4th, 2002: Robots.txt is back in play

December 5th, 2002: We welcome captain dann to the big show.

December 9th, 2002: To decrease needless nodecache entries, I removed references to some htmlcodes that were admin-only in the main page because they were only there for some betas that were left to rot. They still exist, but the tutorial and help projects have no content and are being abandoned.

Fixed a bug in usergroup display page where empty usergroups were throwing a server error because they weren't checking for the 0th usergroup member before referencing it: IE, assuming that there are members in a group before we link to the "leader". That has been remedied. Thanks to Lometa for the mad bug spottage.

December 10th, 2002: Added fine tuning of account privileges on or off by the admins. Changes:

December 13th, 2002: Made a change to Everything.pm where we now cache setting nodes with getVars inside of the NodeCache as $DB->{cache}->{hashCache}->{$node_id}. This should speed up the site a bit (although admittedly not much) as we're saving time by not parsing setting after setting after setting. This fix is local to 0.8 and has nothing to do with the 1.0-beta-tree code. I'll be submitting a patch on this to perlmonks.

December 16th, 2002:

Repealed a patch by ascorbic to Voting Oracle to show a user what percentage of their votes were upvotes. As previously discussed with ascorbic, this patch should have been deleted. While one may classify me as an idealist, I prefer to have as few influences on the voting system as humanly possible. Knowledge of your upvotes and downvote percentages are too much of a prejudicial weight on how a person might vote. For that reason, that code is being removed. For those who caught a glimpse, I apologise.

December 21st, 2002: Fixed node resurrection from node row. It now resurrects with 100% accuracy, including nodecache cleaning. The old resurrect code is available at old resurrect code or something clever like that. Keep in mind that writeups come into the world unparented.

Fixed the writeup display pages so that they tell if a writeup is unparented. It also doesn't server error on unparented writeups.

December 28st, 2002: Fixed Text Formatter's size warning. Since scratch pads don't have sizes anymore, this is unnecessary. This closes the sourceforge bug by roguepoet.

Bring it on

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December 5, 2002

December 5, 2002

December 14, 2002

December 16, 2002

December 16, 2002

December 30, 2002

  • Modified simplenewsify (htmlcode) to give a 'hide' link next to the 'view' link. This will hide the specified weblogify! link from display in Epicenter. Stores this value in %$VARS.
  • Created Unhideify! (superdoc) to allow users to unhide weblogify!s. Todo -- move this into User Preferences, alongside nodelet selections or personal nodelet modification?
  • Modified Epicenter (nodelet) to show a link to Unhideify! if the user has any weblogify!s hidden.

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