A cute little model-type chick that lives on your Windows desktop. Wears mostly a pink bikini and when you're not using the computer entertains herself and you by doing all sorts of things - she windsurfs, abseils down your screen, does a mean Spiderman imprersonation and lots of other amusing stuff. She doesn't get naked, but does take occassional showers and sunbathes rather frequently. Tahni is click-sensitive, and does different things depending where you click on her.

The registered version has about 12 MB worth of animation (over 110 different animation sequences), and the demo has about 20 or so animations. Tahni version 1.04 can be downloaded from www.tahni.com.

One thing Tahni lacks though is an AI - the program is made by the same guys who made Oska, and I believe even uses the same back-end with different animation sequences. It is basically a program that plays back the animation segments at random intervals, but the animation quality is very good, and at times Tahni has quite a personality. Very amusing.

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